Saturday, March 12, 2011

Every little bit ...

I am sitting in awe of the earth and our world. Earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. Nuclear plants overheating. Venerable churches collapsing. These places top my travel bucket list. It feels strange knowing they've been damaged. Their residents have been damaged. People have died. My heart goes out to all affected.

And here I sit in my cozy home. My bed awaits. I am fed and clothed and sheltered. I am so lucky. It is yet another reminder of the fragility of our world. A reminder to appreciate each and every little thing in each and every day.

I want to reach out. To hug and console with the human touch. Alas I can not. But I can help. We can help.

As such 10% of my March Etsy sales will be donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. It is the least I can do for this wonderful world that has given me so much.

*** *** ***

Forgive me for not posting earlier. I have been waylaid by family and minor illness and world events. Congratulations to the fifth commenter, Jennifer, for winning last week's giveaway.

And thank you for all your wonderful heartfelt comments. I *love* all the connections afforded by the internet. It truly warms my heart!

*** *** ***

And, finally, a list I've not been keeping up on but really ought to continue ...

Things I'm loving today:
  • Gorgeous fluffy white Simpson clouds blooming in the sky.
  • A night at work with Middle by my side (now she has a better appreciation for what Mommy does all night).
  • A spectacular wonderful amazing package from my wonderful spectacular amazing friend Anita. How beautiful is it that someone I've never met in person could know me so well?!!
  • A great book sent by my lovely friend Shelley. I can't wait to delve in.
  • Being on Etsy's Front Page twice (twice) in one day (thanks Treasury Tree Teamies!!)
  • Knitting -- dish clothes and a top secret project for a special friend.
  • Waiting with greedy anticipation to see what color of eggs my new chickens will lay.
  • And You. All you folks on the blogosphere who bring me such joy and hope and love.


shari said...

That's a wonderful sentiment... I hope you get lots of sales so you can help out with the Disaster Relief Fund!

It's very intense what's happening in Japan right now. Tokyo is such a populated city... I'm scared to hear the final numbers on the destruction and devastation. I will send white light and positive energy to the people there, and hope that they come out stronger than ever....

Jordan said...

That is so awesome of you to donate some of your proceeds to charity!

There are so many ways to help people every single day. Kudos for you to stepping up.

Bridge said...

This is great! Thanks for the reminder of how blessed we are.