Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Great Fly Relocation Project and Other Minutia

I did it! I did it! I made it through eight shifts in a row. Phew! Yesterday was my day to become human again (i.e. walk around like a zombie until I got a full night's sleep).

Today was deliciously overcast - -quite reminiscent of fall. I had hoped to make pies. These adorable pies. Instead I spent an inordinate amount of time searching for 1/2 pint wide mouth mason jars. Turns out they were at my local grocer -- the last place I considered.

While out and about the boy and I also visited a couple of thrift stores and the yarn depot. It's funny how autumn like weather makes me want to bake, knit and gather. I came home with some lovely burnt orange yarn -- perhaps pumpkin hats in the works. Of course the boy wasn't entirely thrilled with our outing. Hey -- we're bonding, right?!! Every fourteen-year-old wants to buy yarn with his mother!

Today I'd also hoped to update the shop and have some vintage/handmade baby gift packages I'm dying to put together. Those projects will have to wait until another day. Alas tomorrow it's back to work. I can't complain. These additional shifts were taken on voluntarily (egged on by the economy but voluntarily nonetheless). Yet I have to admit -- I miss my home. I miss puttering and photographing and creating. My family misses home cooking and the house could use a good cleaning.

Speaking of cleaning house. It seems we've developed a bit on a, ahem, fly problem. I have no idea where these buggers are coming from. Turns out they are great entertainment. Little has quite the knack of catching them in jars (oh how I wish they were fire flies rather than house flies). Ah well. Thanks to the benevolent heart of my youngest several flies have been released unharmed into the world.

And tomorrow I'm back into the world -- for a couple days at least. Then back to puttering. Oh retirement how sweet the sound! Until then I'll keep on keeping.

I hope you all are having a lovely week!


Things I'm loving today:
  • Thoughts of fall
  • Amazing friends willing to help at the drop of a hat
  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • A bazillion projects awaiting my return

Things I'm hoping for today:
  • Stress free work days
  • Happy children
  • That darn house cleaning fairy (where oh where has she gone?)
  • More free time

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