Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why I Carry a Camera

After nearly forty years on this earth I've become jaded. I wake to an alarm and prep children for school. I run a taxi service (aka carpool). I go to work. I do dishes and laundry and scrub the floors. I pull weeds. I put food on the table both literally and figuratively. And on and on ad nauseam.

Life too easily slips into a series of tasks; each one to be checked off then added again to the bottom of the list. While going through the motions and checking boxes we forget to see, to really see, the world around us. My camera forces me to stop, to look and to notice the wonderment of the everyday.

For instance -- do you see Rose Scooby Doo's feathers? The iridescent green that glistens in the sun? By what miracle did that occur? The smallest things in this world are truly stunning!

And without my camera I would have missed this:

I didn't think today was the day for a water balloon fight. The thermometer topped out at 55 degrees. But you see? I was wrong and my camera holds the proof. How delectable are those droplets of water? I mean seriously!

And what about this?

What do you see? A weed? Or a brilliant sign of spring?

So today I challenge you. Pull out your camera and take a look, a real look, at this wonderful amazing spectacular world . I can't wait to see what you find!

❊❊❊ ❊❊❊ ❊❊❊

Things I'm loving today:
  • Children romping and playing in the neighborhood
  • Quiet mama time
  • An invitation to dinner
  • Girl time while the boys are away

Things I'm hoping for:
  • Warmer delightful weather tomorrow
  • Still hoping to win these
  • Blissful children
  • Knitting inspiration (get thee knitting mama you have a project to finish!)


*Michelle* said...

Funny. I was out photographing chickens today, too. Not easy subjects,the buggers. My kids would play outside with water in a snowstorm, I swear! I sure wish we'd get some warm weather; my toes are freezing.

Joy! said...

Nice meditation on the topic. Photography is my way of trying to capture what I *see* (what others often seem to overlook), but I also like how having a camera in hand helps me look for more to see. Nice photo inspirations!