Friday, April 9, 2010

Frugal Friday: The Kitchen in the Bathroom

Photographic Snippets of the Week

Back in February 2009 I went No Poo. I was faithful for a year but then got lazy. I started using shampoo again as it just seemed easier. But I discovered I wasn't happy with the shampoo. My hair was heavy, weighed down and greasy. So now I'm back on the No Poo regimen and quite content. I no longer put vanilla in the rinse (I think it dried my hair a bit). And, though I could be wrong, I don't feel like a walking "fish 'n chips" advertisement; i.e. my hair doesn't smell like vinegar.

No Poo, for those who aren't familiar, is a method of cleaning your hair without shampoo. There are many different methods. I use a baking soda paste and dilute vinegar rinse.

I also continue to use honey as a facial mask and brown sugar and olive oil as a facial scrub and moisturizer. For the mask simply take honey and smear it on your face. Let it sit for 15 minutes then rinse off. If some happens to get on your lips - no worries - it's just honey! (I love using all natural, and edible, beauty products).

For the facial scrub combine 3 tsbp brown sugar and a splash of olive oil (I never use an exact amount here but I'd say perhaps a teaspoon or two). Typically I'll scrub my face in the shower. I try to do the facial scrub first and then wash my hair. That way if any of the oil gets in my hair it is rinsed away in the wash.

I love the days when I use this skin routine - my face feels GREAT!

And don't forget the nighttime facial moisturizer - Crisco. Yes. Crisco. Check out this post where Crisco was compared to Creme de la Mer. Guess which product did better. Personally I'm going to take her word for it because I have no intention of spending $125.00 on a measly ounce of skin cream.

Finally check out these recipes for bath salts. My daughter and I made some last night for her to sell at 4th grade town. I can't wait to try it out myself. We used grapefruit seed essential oil which has such a light invigorating aroma.

Happy Frugal Friday!


Things I'm loving today:
  • A contented husband (on my hope list here)
  • A weekend to sleep in and meander about
  • Garage sales
  • A new batch of tulips just for me (they are still on sale and I still couldn't resist)
  • Little girls who collect eggs while wearing their brother's boxer shorts and mama's shoes
  • Snoozing geriatric kitties
  • Green smoothies
Things I'm hoping for today:
  • Warm weather
  • Exercise
  • To find joy in household chores
  • That someone will build me a laundry line (hint hint oh hubbie of mine)
  • To find specks of inspiration scattered throughout the day


Amy said...

you just gave me a great idea for my mother's birthday gift this weekend. there was no way i could sew or knit her something but bath salts in a pretty jar? i can do that. thanks!

the Lady said...

I haven't been using shampoo since I saw your posts about it last year - whenever I do use shampoo (in a hurry hurry hurry and I simply MUST wash my hair because I went too long) it just doesn't feel as nice as when I use baking soda, nor does the clean time last as long! I am so with you on the no shampoo wagon.

Becca said...

I'm so glad I found your blog via SouleMama today! I've been considering moving away from shampoo and was going to try to find directions on the wide world of the web. Thanks for your links and your thoughts!