Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Love ...

Things I love today:
  • Gloriously cloudy days signaling the end of this dang heat wave.
  • Finished sewing projects.
  • Thrifted and repurposed recipe boxes (middle daughter's idea).
  • Knitting in progress.
  • Good reads (Too Many Cooks by Emily Franklin).
  • A (sort-of) clean house.
  • Freshly laundered sheets on the bed.
  • Dinner in the crockpot made from items on hand (born from an unnerving glance at our checking account).
  • A renewed determination to live frugally.
What do you love today?


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Happy Love Thursday!


Tammie said...

i love your loves.

we've been trying to not spend money this year and we were down to one sheet set and it was filled with holes and was just looking rough and gross. the hubs and i bit the bullet today and went to see if there was anything cheap at Macys. most of the time i try to avoid that store because i think its overpriced and filled with things i dont really love. but we had coupons. long story (sort of) short, we ended up getting a new set of 350 thread count sheets for less than $40. so tonight, im loving that ill be sleeping on new, hole free sheets.

also, the hubs sneakily bought me some godiva chocolates when i wasnt looking. normally i would yell at him for spending the money, but tonight im just going to shut up and enjoy my fancy chocolates.

LaughingFamily said...

I love that I'm not the only one in the midst of a case of the nerves brought on by the bank account! (And clean sheets - ESPECIALLY when my husband makes the bed!)

Gayle said...

Those are great loves! Tonight I'm loving a beautiful summer evening!

LoLa said...

I love that you've written down these loves. Imma steal this next Love Thursday. I love Goodreads too. And I love that you have a renewed determination to live too! but boy do I stumble. Thanks for visiting LoLaSuzanne.

Bridge said...

This sounds like a check list for me to print out and use. thanks.
I am loving my Dog, and no I am not a huge "dog person", but lately he's just got me wrapped around his...(? he really doesn't have a finger).

Bush Babe said...

I love that my hubby made it home safe and sound after spending a long day in the paddock.

I love that my Dad has celebrated his 70th with friends and family.

I love that my dog did NOT break his leg when he slipped on the wet patio this morning - a fact confirmed after a good 20mins of pretending that it had!

Also loved the title of your last post. I am going to put that one on my wall...

Angela said...

Oh I'm longing for fresh laundered sheets! We still have our flannel sheets on from the winter... Happy Love Thursday :)

Katie @ Can't Get There said...

Great list! Today I am loving my first sip of coffee and the happy sigh you can't help but give when you finish a FABULOUS book (The Soloist by Steve Lopez - go read it).

Happy (belated) Love Thursday!

Amelia said...

So glad you stopped by yesterday- I loved your post- and I love the post on Forever is Composed of Nows- I do set out each day to keep my head in today, in this moment, so that I can soak it all in!
Hope you are having a fabulous Friday :)

Michelle O'Neil said...

I love my sweet kids.

Joy! said...

I love your posts. :)