Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Now my kids think I'm cool ...

I gave the hub an i-tunes gift card for his birthday. He's downloading music like crazy and uploading it to his i-pod. This downloading and uploading is a new skill for him (welcome to the 21st century sweetie). Among others he downloaded "I Miss You" by Blink 182. This is my son's new favorite song. As a result it is also middle and baby sister's new favorite song. The four-year-old knows the lyrics by heart.

Hello there, the angel from my nightmare. The shadow in the background of the morgue.

Yes, yes, I know. Talk to their father. Although I must admit the tune is rather catchy and I've been singing it myself.

The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley, we can live like Jack and Sally if we want, where you can always find me
, we'll have Halloween on Christmas and in the night we'll wish this never ends, we'll wish this never ends.

So here is the cool part, the part related to mom that elevates her to a new status; one well above the bore who demands clean rooms and completed homework. I went to school with Mark Hoppus. Yeeeah, serious! It doesn't seem to matter that I don't remember him nor he me. It's enough that he's in my yearbooks: junior high and high school, albeit a year behind. I am like sooo cool! They're off to tell all their friends. My mom is wicked awesome! She knows a rock star (by proxy).

So there it is - my fifteen minutes. And you know what? I'll take it. I've been perusing Mark's site (for research of course) and I'm glad I'm not famous. Lot's of "i love you's" and "your f**king awesome" and other assorted comments with creepy "i'm stalking you" undertones. Just ignore the comment that goes something like, "Hi! You don't remember me but we went to school together. I think you are soooo cool and my kids just love you. If you are ever in the Pacific Northwest look me up. I'd love to get together and reminisce about good 'ol R/C. LOL! Those were good times!"

*cough, gag, puke*


It wouldn't be fair of me to post old yearbook photos without posting one of myself. So, here you go. Shexy ain't it!


Honorary Indian said...

Wow. You were even a babe back in the day.

AND, you "know" someone famous?!

You're too cool for school (no pun intended).


Honorary Indian said...

Hi, Shalet!

I wear padded bike shorts AND use a padded bike seat. Still doesn't take away minor discomforts...but certainly minimizes chaffing DOWN THERE.

You're training for a tri...right?!

Jaime said...

Oh thank you!!!!!!!

A friend gave me a cd....it was burned for him by someone else with random songs, some known and some unknown. This song is on the cd and I really liked it but had no idea who it was or what the name of the song was. Mystery solved!!!

She She said...

Love the feathered hair!

I went to school with Rachel Ray (she was a few years younger than I was). I have no memory of her at all, but it's fun to say I went to school with her.