Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm a knittin'

The lovely Bella is organizing an auction in support of Jen B. who is battling colon cancer. Jen B. is one of the reasons I started my blog. The least I could do is knit a scarf and hat for the auction. Another site I frequent, Shutter Sisters, has suggested we sell our photographs to support Jen. Well, I happen to have a couple of simple prints sitting in my closet (this and this). I might as well put these up for auction too. I'll keep you all updated as the auction progresses.


The hub is at work and I have the night off. I'm watching Dancing with the Stars (which I'd never be able to do if he were home). I'm loving Marissa - how cute is she?!!! I want to sign up for dance lessons and buy a sweet little dress that flips when you spin. Clearly I need to add this to my list of things to do before I die: travel the world, learn another language, write a novel, learn the piano, and do the Mamba. Oh yeah, and clean my house. Don't forget the house.


I've figured out this cardiac monitor. The key is to feel the palpitations (which is easy since they are nearly constant), stay still for 90 seconds, push the record button and stay still for an additional 30 seconds. Then I transmit the signal over the phone. If I listen carefully to the phone transmission I can hear the palpitations as they are sent. Although my heart is beating abnormally I feel normal, no dizziness and only occasional pain. I am very optimistic that these are premature atrial contractions (PACs) which, although annoying, are typically benign. Perhaps I'm just more in tune with my heart than your average joe.


I am making the baby clean up a mess she made in the living room. She is screaming and I am a mean mean Mommy. I just keep knitting and ignore the evil eye from the 4-year-old. Perhaps I'm heartless after all.


Honorary Indian said...

Well, from one "mean mommy" to another...I highly doubt you are heartless.

And, from one "dancing with the stars" fan to another...you go and learn the mamba. BEFORE you clean your house.

The house can wait.

tracey said...

yay!!! thanks for getting into the auction! : )

The Piano Wizard Queen said...

I dont think you are heartless, you're just preoccupied with your knitting.

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debra said...

I'm also donating a piece for Jeni.
Good to have found you