Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Lorax Birthday

Yesterday we had a much overdue birthday celebration.  Little turned eight in December.  December, however,  is a tough month for birthdays.  Thus we've made a habit of putting off her actual party until late winter. 

This year we decided to go see The Lorax.  We made truffula tree cupcakes, embroidered party favors, lorax moustaches and little potting jars complete with a pack of seeds. You can see my inspiration board here.  

I'm doing my best not to go overboard and thus only permitted Little to invite a few girls.  If she'd had her druthers she'd have invited her whole class.  I was definitely not up for that.  I prefer keeping things small and homemade.  

Project notes: 
  • The embroidery project was fun.  I found great tufted yarn from Michaels.  It made wonderful Truffula tree toppers.   
  • The little pots were on sale at JoAnns.  I used a set of letter stamps and a touch of black paint to add the "unless" to the surface.  
  • I found these great stripey straws on Etsy.  I used them for both the moustache handles and the Truffula tree trunks. 
  • I was going to make my own cotton candy for the tree toppers but decided that was too ambitious.  We found cotton candy at a local candy shop.  The fresher the better with your cotton candy -- it will shrink up and not look so good over time.  In other words get fresh cotton candy and make your trees the day of the party (preferably just before the party).  
  • The moustaches were cut from a yellow school folder -- a six moustaches for .59 cents.  Can't beat that!

Checking out the river before the movie
We had everyone dropped off at the house and then drove them to the movies.  The girls were WILD before the movie -- running, charging, screaming, giggling.  What was I thinking taking five eight-year-olds to the theater?  We made it there successfully and no one fell in the river.

Once at the theater we bought a large tub of popcorn and divvied it up into paper lunch bags; one for each girl.  Thankfully they calmed down once the movie started and a good time was had by all.

Phew!  Another successful birthday complete, for another year at least.



Holly said...

Love this idea! It's so cute and you did a fabulous job making it happen!

Shalet said...

Thank you! I love having an excuse to get crafty. :o)