Thursday, March 1, 2012

All I want to do is snuggle in, watch movies and eat.

Last night it snowed.  Again.  And this morning school had a two hour delay.  I didn't want The Boy and Middle to have to take the bus so I drove them.  It took me an hour round trip.  To put that in perspective it took an hour to drive eight miles.  

Little's school is closer so we walked, actually more like stomped, our way to school.  I am loving my tall winter boots (best thrift store find evah).  

It's hard to believe a week ago it was sixty degrees, the bees were flying and I was gardening.  Now my world is frosty and white.  

This weather makes me want to snuggle in, watch movies and eat.  Only here's the problem.  I'm on a diet.  Yup. It's official.  I've joined Weight Watchers (could I *be* any more middle aged?).  After trying to do it on my own and gaining an additional ten pounds I am seeking help.  

I've been on it a week and, as of today, am down five pounds.  Not too shabby.  What I've realized is I eat healthy but eat way too much.  Cutting down portion sizes has been a BIG eye opener for me.  

I like that I can still use all my old recipes and plug them in to the weight watchers recipe tabulator.  Then I can determine just how much I am allowed to eat.  Additionally I'm trying new recipes.  

Tonight we're having chicken enchiladas and tomorrow night crock pot bolognese over whole wheat pasta.  

I can also earn activity points which lets me eat a bit more.  Every day this week I've either walked, hiked or been on the treadmill.  Oh yes and I've shoveled snow.  My ultimate goal is to look good in a swimsuit come summer.   I have no interest in being skinny but rather hope to be fit and healthy.  

I must admit I've been a bit hungry this week.  I'm getting used to the feeling and it is abating.  Currently I am curbing that gnawing feeling with a big 'ol mug of tea.  

I've avoided diets a lifestyle change for years and am open to any hints, tips and suggestions you might have.    

Wish me luck!


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