Tuesday, March 6, 2012


There must be something in the water because several people are expecting babies this year.  This is a perfect excuse for me to get my craft on.  I've been pinning baby projects like crazy.  And no, Mom, it's not me who is expecting.  With all these new little fingers and toes out there I'd best get busy!

Purl Bee Lap Duvet

Hospital Survival Kit

Purl Bee Flannel Receiving Blanket

Moving Mountains Baby Blanket

Aviatrix Baby Hat

Wash Cloth Duckie

Vintage Inspired Alphabet Cards


Anonymous said...

it's a Mac thing!!!!
I am at the Library, and they have Pc's here!
and there is the button!
I can not find it on Opera, Firefox or Safari!
but here on this Pc.. ( I think the browser is Google chrome??? Thats what the lady next to me says.)
BOOM! there it is!
It's NOT me!

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are all lovely! It's funny how things like that come in waves and batches, isn't it? I know the recipients of your treasures will be thrilled.

Shalet said...

So glad you found the comment button. It's funny because we have Macs too. Weird.

Shalet said...

Oh I hope so. First I have a belated birthday party to craft for then babies, babies and more babies!