Monday, December 5, 2011

What's up Buttercup?

I made a house call this morning to draw blood on our clinic's stray/rescue pygmy goat -- Buttercup.  She's been tucked neatly into suburbia and seems quite content in my co-workers garage.  I'm told she doesn't even want to go outside when she has the opportunity.  But she does wish she could go in the house. If only goats could be potty-trained!

We are testing her from Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis or CAE.  This is a contagious viral infection that can lead to arthritis.  Buttercup is still limping quite a bit.  We are unsure if this limping is a result of her injuries (she was attacked by dogs) or from a potential infection.  Fortunately we'll soon find out.

The good news is she'll likely have a "forever home" either way.  If she tests positive for this disease she'll go to a goat sanctuary in Silverton.  If she's negative then I have a friend whom I am hoping will take her.

She's a very sweet girl -- loves to snuggle and even gives goat kisses.  If I only had my dream farm ... someday.  Someday.



Anonymous said...

Awww, sweet goat! I'm picturing her in her little suburban garage. :)

We had a sweet little cow named Buttercup when I was growing up, on our little farm. (I'm going to have to dig up some photos from my childhood to share with you sometime... me with our goats and cows and so on. You'd dig 'em.)

Shalet said...

I have seen one picture of you as a girl with your arms wrapped tight around a goat. So adorable and my dream life!