Saturday, December 17, 2011

Strange days indeed ...

Well this has been an interesting week to say the least.  A close friend of mine has become ill and been diagnosed with bi-polar disease.  She is getting some long overdue help and for that I am tremendously grateful.

In fact I am grateful for a good many things.

  • I am grateful for my messy house and my healthy kids.
  • I am grateful for two vertigo free days -- days in which my presence was needed and I was able to provide.
  • I am grateful for my husband who was "on-call" should I start spinning.
  • I am grateful to my teenage son who is willing to go on errands with his mother.
  • I am grateful to people who are willing to rescue, nurse and house a stray goat.
  • I am grateful for the husbands who put up with these "goat people".  
  • I am grateful for the wonderful haphazard lights on our Christmas tree -- they provide much needed cheer in these dark days (literal and figural).
  • I am grateful for a quick weekend getaway. 
  • I am grateful for friends; people who are willing to drop everything and help at a moment's notice. 
  • I am grateful for forgiveness*. 
  • I am grateful for love.  

* I am full of forgiveness -- for myself and my friend and all of us who are treading on this crazy path.  Perfection is over-rated.  

These are strange days indeed.  Most peculiar momma.  



Tammie said...

perfection is totally overrated. life is far too short to be striving for that.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend, my dear. I love your list of things to be grateful for. That's all life is, lots of people treading crazy paths. The best you can hope for is to find other people on our paths in whose company we can find some comfort.

I've been spending the past few years trying to overcome my own perfectionist tendencies--I think of myself these days as a "recovering perfectionist." :o) One of the passages I've been meditating on: "Once you accept the fact that you're not perfect, then you develop some confidence. (Rosalynn Carter)

Shalet said...

The past few weeks have been definite lessons in imperfection. Lessons worth learning but tough ones at that. Somehow we'll make it through.