Monday, December 12, 2011

Two Weeks Until Christmas (whoo boy!)

Taken with my NEW iphone!

Two weeks remain until Christmas.  Two!  And I am behind.  Not only am I behind but I'm taking on additional projects.  Yesterday I knit a baby hat for a neighbor (the little guy is having surgery tomorrow and I simply couldn't let him go to the hospital without his very own hand knit).

And I'm knitting a horai scarf.  My picture doesn't do it justice. Click the link.  This, too, is a gift.  A long time nurse at my allergist's office is retiring just before the holiday.  I've seen her every two weeks for the past five years; clearly she deserves a going away present.

Today I'm also hoping to finish the gifts for my nieces and nephews and get those in the mail.  This means some sewing and cooking up playdough.

I also have a package to ship and a camera (a super cool SX 70 model 2 polaroid) to list in the shop.  C'mon sales!  Santa could use a bump in his Christmas fund.  

Speaking of Santa yesterday we finally got our tree.  It's a family tradition -- we pick up a permit from the forest service and cut one down ourselves.  Our trees are always a little haphazard.  A tad imperfect and oh so right.

I've also made our annual holiday greeting -- a slide show of the year.  In years past I've burned DVDs and mailed them out.  This year we are streamlining and going digital.


Now I'd best get to it.  If I can get all out of town presents made, packaged and shipped this week things will be good.

Note to self:  start getting ready for the holidays earlier next year (as in January).  Yes.  That would be an excellent idea.



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Anonymous said...

I totally hear you. One moment, we had LOADS of time for holiday preparation and then--zing! Where'd the time go? Suddenly right around the corner. The horai scarf looks marvelous!

Shalet said...

And now less than one week -- I'm not any more prepared ...