Friday, September 9, 2011

On work and kids and travel and life

Driving in to work this evening I made some mental calculations -- I will log 70 hours at the clinic in a seven day span (Monday to Sunday). If I include the weekend before the number jumps to 96. Yup -- 96 hours in nine days. No wonder I'm tired.

Why am I working so much? Because next week I'll be traveling. I'm attending a conference in Nashville. Mr. Peculiar will be going with me and the grandparents will be coming to stay with the kids. It will be a lovely and much needed change of pace.

In order to get time off several of my shifts have been squished into a short period of time. The downside being I don't have a lot of time to prepare for this trip.

Our house is, ahem, a disaster. And my parents are coming. I'd really, really, really like it to be somewhat clean. I am hoping the family will clean this weekend whilst I sleep the day away (and work the nights). If you don't include the night shifts that sounds terribly luxurious -- sleeping while others clean around you. If this doesn't happen (honestly it's a pipe dream - they have water polo and thrifting and other events to attend) then I'll be scrambling on Monday to instill some order in our chaotic world.

Of course this stretch of work also coincides with the beginning of school. Which, in a way, is nice as I have time during the day to sleep. But I feel guilty for doing so (and then I feel guilty for feeling guilty -- what a vicious cycle) . There is so much to do at home.

I can say the crock pot is my friend -- last night we had Honey-Mustard Rosemary Chicken with Sweet Potatoes. But today I did not manage to cook. Mr. Peculiar will be delivering take out. Which is, in and of itself, guilt inducing as this does not fit into our budget. Oh economy will you ever turn around?

I have managed to provide after school snacks. Wednesday was pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Yesterday we had fun apple slices, peanut butter and marshmallows. Today was easy peasy sweet and salty popcorn.

Ah and now it seems I have a flurry of emergencies to attend to here at work. I must bid you adieu.


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