Thursday, September 15, 2011

On the Road Again ...

I am at a conference. Here.  At the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  This place is HUGE.  As in 50 indoor acres huge.

Right now I'm on my lunch break and Mr. Peculiar (who came with me -- thanks Grandma and Grandpa) is out galavanting.

Thus far I have learned a few things unrelated to veterinary medicine and I thought I'd share them with you.

  • Our room rests at the intersection of the red and green carpets.  If you're on brown carpet you've gone too far.  Double back.  Run if necessary. 
  • If you want to sit on the patio of a restaurant inside this massive unit ask for a patio seat; technically the patio is not outdoors. 
  • I like wearing knee high leather boots and v-neck cashmere sweaters and long gray skirts.
  • I especially like wearing the above because they are thrifted.
  • I ought not stay here too long or I might come home with a drawl.
  • There are not enough hallway seats outside the conference hall.
  • One can sit on the floor in a skirt.
  • The line for a free lunch is inappropriately long.
  • A smoothie and walk are an excellent substitute.
  • When using your computer in a public place mute the sound, preferably before the loud ad pops up on your screen.
  • I like taking notes on my computer.
  • I wouldn't mind being a student again.
And now off to my next class -- "It's for the birds!  Clinical ER Cases in Avian Medicine."  I need to boogie -- it's a long walk back.  


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Anonymous said...

May you never stop having a Love for learning..