Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sowing the Seeds

It's no secret I fantasize about moving to a hobby farm. But my wish will not be granted until I prove myself. First I must become a steward of this land; this little plot smack dab in the middle of town.

Last year my garden was neglected. Spring came late. I got lazy. Veggies were never planted. The cutting garden was left to its own devices. The flowers thrived despite me.

But come fall the weeds made their presence known. Lots and lots of weeds. This week was time to pay penance. Down on my hands and knees, nose to dirt, I have been pulling weeds and weeds and more weeds. Woo boy is my body sore! Don't let anyone tell you gardening is not exercise.

This year I am planting veggies. My friend, Shelley, is well versed on heirloom seeds. She sent me ten different tomato varieties and well as some lettuces and cucumbers (how lucky am I?!! Thank you Shelley!!).

The seeds have been sown and are starting to sprout. Eventually they'll be transplanted to my raised beds and pots and where ever else I can squeeze them in.

Whilst dreaming about the garden to come I've also been swooning over hoop houses. So much so I spent this afternoon wandering around my local nursery, meandering slowly through the delicious warmth of their greenhouses.

For as long as I could remember I've dreamt of a greenhouse of my own. One big enough to house not only plants but a reading nook as well. Oh the time I could spend out there. Oh the things I could grow!

I've also got honey bees on my mind. This past weekend Middle and I went to Bee School. Our original intent was to get a hive next year. However we learned you shouldn't harvest honey the first year. As such we are wracking our brains trying to figure out how to get hives sooner rather than later.

I've mapped out the hive location, cleared a spot, planned a neighbor screen and picked out paint colors (if we are getting hives they are so getting painted glorious colors).

Now I must admit Mr. Peculiar is, shall we say, a bit less enthusiastic on the bee idea. But the same held true for the chickens. He'll come around.

Yes. I've got grand plans. Now to bring them to fruition.



Denice (inkstitch) said...

Yay!! So awesome! Seedlings and hoops and bees, oh my! My space is small, too, but we fit a lot on this lil' ol' plot. Love these posts. They encourage me to keep on when I am wore from weed pulling. ;)

Jordan said...

Woo hoo! I want a greenhouse I could relax in too but alas, I just have a tiny little greenhouse. I also dream of a hobby farm and hopefully can get chickens next year. I have to figure out how to convince my landlord that it's a great idea first. I know she'll be all for it but I don't know about her husband. Let us know how the tomatoes go, I've always heard they're difficult to grow.

Leah Riley said...

I have filled my entire deck with flowers and seedlings, it's ridiculous. One day I'll have a garden again. In the meantime, there's a semi-local (to me) place you would love. It's called Sunshine Lavender Farm and they took an old dairy farm and converted it to grow lavender and bees and chickens and it's just adorable.

They even have farm celebration days where you can go and paint and drink lavender lemonade. So wonderful!

Shalet said...

That place is WONDERFUL. If only ...