Friday, May 20, 2011

The Beehive is done! The Beehive is done!

The beehive is assembled and completed. Now all we need are bees. We got a late start and should have ordered bees much earlier. All we can do is wait and see if a source becomes available.

In the meantime I'm enjoy the transformation of my yard. Spring has been slow to arrive. We are just now getting leaves on our trees. My peach and plum trees are full of blooms. The apricot appears to be taking a year off. I am eagerly anticipating the flowers in my garden and can't wait for home picked bouquets; lavender and shasta daisies, cat mint, lupines and black-eyed susans. Is it possible that all these things grow on my little plot of land?

This year I am also trying my hand at tomatoes. They are in the seedling stage and just about ready to be transplanted. Today they got their first dose of sun sans a window filter. Tomatoes are challenging here -- frost, deer, short growing season. But I'm not letting that stop me.

And then there are my chickens; four silver laced wyandottes and two easter eggers. I got the easter eggers because I wanted green eggs (+/- ham). I've yet to get a green egg and am highly suspicious that the two chickens I kept might be brown egg layers. Bugger!

Ah well. Nothing I can do about it at this stage in the game. Now, in honor of this beautiful day I am going to walk down the hill to get the girls from school. I hope your weather is as gorgeous as ours and you find some time to enjoy it.



Jordan said...

I want chickens SO badly. They boyfriend does not. I'm still trying to convince him.

Anonymous said...

finally sunshine...

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering where you were at..
where I live it is swarm season.
so I am on swarm number 4 that has been hived.
if you have a local beekeeping association you can get on the call list, and go out and bee wrangle!
it is a lot of fun. Bees are so gentle and docile when they are swarming...
happy buzzin!

Shalet said...

We are in Central Oregon. Everything happens later here. I am on a swarm call list. Waiting, waiting ...

Anonymous said...

I can put you in touch with a lady in Portland who might be able to find you some one who is selling a split, or knows of someone with bees forsale in either the canyon city or redmon area if you would like.

Shalet said...

That would be great. I'm looking into all sources possible.

You can email me at


Sankara Vignesh said...

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