Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear Universe ...

Dear Universe:

I try not to be covetous of things I do not have. I try to appreciate that which is before me. But there are days. There are days when the longing hits. These things I know I do not need but oh how I desire them. And because I can not stop thinking about these objects I thought I'd put them out there. To you, Universe.

If you could find it in your heart to place said objects in, say, a garage sale or a thrift store then direct me to such place I would be ever so grateful. Oh how my heart would swell.

And now, with further adieu, the objects of my desire:

Le Creuset Dutch Oven in Gorgeous Caribbean Blue

Fun and Pretty Hypoallergenic Earrings

Vintage Style Dress Forms

and finally

A gorgeous pair of boots (size 8) to wear with skirts.

Thank you, Universe, for your kind attention. Now back to reality ...


Bridge said...

yes universe I also agree I will not covet a:
car with mileage under 100,000
tickets to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival for the whole family.
A raft
a camper
and a size 7 body

Shalet said...

A size 7 body. Yes -- please place one of those in a thrift store!!

I *do* have a car with under 100,000. My car only has 98,500 on it. Yippee! I'm just hoping it lasts another 100,000.

☼Illuminary☼ said...

I am here to tell you the pasta roller is not worth it, and if I still had the box that went to goodwill with it in it, it would be plucked out and sent to you. The hand crank one ( that I am constantly cleaning play dough out of because i share) works Soooo much better!
I would love a vehicle with less that 200,000 miles, a blender that works , not one that works when the mood hits it, a pair of shoes that don't have holes in them, and I garden rake with all the tines! Thank you Universe for putting up with my whiney bum!

Shalet said...

I find my issue with the hand crank roller is a) it doesn't properly attach to any work surface in my kitchen (and therefore occasionally hits the ground) and b) is really a two person job (someone to hold the pasta and crank the machine and someone to catch the pasta).

I must also add that I would like a microwave that doesn't lose power halfway through any given job and would love a rake that isn't held together with duct tape. Ah -- the list grows ...