Monday, February 21, 2011

At least I have my orange juice.

Today is one of those days. One of those "at least I have my orange juice" days. The morning started off with Middle berating me about her wardrobe.


Um, yeah. Taking a snotty nearly eleven-year-old to the mall is not on my agenda. Nor does it fit in our uber tight budget. Thankfully I deposited her at a friend's house shortly thereafter.

Next I thought I might go to Target to look for inexpensive t-shirts. I had freezer paper stencils on my mind. But no. Little pitched a fit and we stayed home.

Instead we spent the WHOLE DAY watching the Disney Channel. And yes, I know I'm the mother. But I was simply not in the mood to be out and about with snotty #2 (sister to snotty #1) and I gave in to the dagnamit television (which I really ought to smash and be done with).

Then Mr. Peculiar called. A rock hit the rear windshield in his truck shattering it into a thousand little pieces. The best part? Not covered by our insurance. Yippee!

Mr. Peculiar and the Boy were out thrifting -- buying tons and tons of vintage clothing which they are going to sell going to deposit in my ever shrinking living room. On the upside I soon might be a participant in the show Hoarders.

This male thrifting would be all well and good if they actually moved some of their merchandise. But they do not. That part is hard. Poor poor boys. They'd best get their hides in gear, however, as we can't eat vintage clothing (though it might keep us warm once the electricity is shut off).

On top of that my head hurts, my house is a total disaster and I have no idea what's for dinner.

But rather than, say, clean or cook or paw through the cupboards for crumbs I decided to applique.

I dug up some tees from an old project. Three of four of them were, *gasp*, boy shirts. Which are, you know, totally and completely uncool. Nonetheless I attempted to gussy them up and make them girl worthy.

If I get extra lucky I'll keep the I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR monster at bay. The shirts will be an early birthday present for Middle (aka Snotty #1). She doesn't know how lucky she is.

And I suppose I could say the same for myself. I'm telling you Duckie, you're really quite lucky. Some people are much more. Oh muchly much more unlucky than you.

❊❊❊ ❊❊❊ ❊❊❊


  • The monster has been appeased, at least temporarily.
  • It was the back passenger window which was shattered, not the back windshield, which is still expensive but not nearly so.
  • We will be having eggs on toast for dinner with left over goat cheese from last night's meal -- frugal frugal. (I voted for popcorn, nutella and wine. I was voted down)
  • I've got a pot of coffee brewing which will, hopefully, help with the ache in my head.
  • I'm taking comfort in the thought that money is fiction. To extrapolate the absence of money is also fiction.
  • The boys have promised, I mean really promised, that they'll sell some of these superfluous clothes. Expect to see them in the shop soon.


Pearle said...

I totally relate to this....I don't have three kids or a husband but I am right there w/ you!
UGH! I will be on the episode of hoarders right after you!
I can't even locate my living room anymore...I swear there is a couch under that cr*p!
I spent the day punishing a very naughty 10 year old!
I am exhausted!
Thank you for this wonderful post!

Shalet said...

So happy to have a kindred spirit! We will persevere!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say you rock! Sometimes I read blogs and imagine how perfect their lives might be (simply because they hide the bad). Thank you for sharing your day! Thank you for being real! And I would have voted Nutella for dinner in a heartbeat!

Tammie said...

im so so sorry for your truly craptastic day.

hang in there.

and for what its worth, i think nutella, wine, and popcorn sounds like a delicious dinner.

Shalet said...

Oh yay! I almost deleted this post for a "happier" one. But then this post was me. My life and my day. Let's all get together for a fantabulous dinner of nutella and wine. How great would that be?!!

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

Just found your blog from Maya*Made. We've definitely all been there, done that on a day like this! I did love your comment about money being fiction. The little economics major in me rejoices. So true, so true. I find the thought that something only has value because we as individuals and society place value on it, eternally fascinating. So much food for thought in that realization.

Shalet said...

@ Tina -- hello and welcome! Value is such an interesting concept. The same holds true in veterinary medicine. Just because someone bought a hamster for $5.00 or got a kitten for free does not mean it doesn't have value.

And I find on my thrifting adventures I value something more if it was inexpensive. The reason being it was a find -- a being in the right place at the right time one of a kind thing. Not so easy to replace. So though the item wasn't expensive it holds lots of value.

If you haven't listened to that podcast on This American Life I highly recommend it.