Monday, November 8, 2010

S is for Sucker (or the post wherein you learn I am nothing but a bowl full of mush)

Were we living in the age of the Scarlet Letter I would have an enormous S adorning my lapel. Turns out I am a Sucker of elephantine proportions.

I present to you the new focal piece in our living room.

That is a cage. And it houses this:

Meet George (or Henry or Charlie or Fred).

George is a stray kitty who encountered a car and consequently broke his pelvis. This morning he came home with me; one full day after Mr. Peculiar and I had a discussion about our *ahem* overabundance of pets. I wish I were joking. Excellent timing 'eh?

But I couldn't help myself. This guy is young and healthy and otherwise fixable and I simply couldn't bear to see him put down. And the icing on the cake? He reminds me of our beloved Mickey whom we all miss dearly. So now we have a convalescing feline smack dab in the middle of our living room.

He will be on cage rest for two to three months. This is the time it will take for his pelvis to heal. Today I went out, bought him a cage and placed it near the window. A bird feeder hangs in view. Hopefully our feathered friends will provide a touch of entertainment during his recovery.

And, yes, that is a pink bunting around his kitty condo. He told me he was secure in his masculinity and was down with the decorative touch.

Now I must tell you I'm having a lot of conflicting emotions here.

The practical side of me is having a veritable conniption fit. What are you doing?!! What if this cat doesn't survive? You'll break your kids' hearts. And how do you plan to pay for this endeavor? That kennel cost $85.00 alone and it was thrifted. He needs medicine, bandage changes and prolonged care...

And then there's the emotional side of me. I want to hold him and squeeze him and call him George.

You know which side won out. Guess I'm not as practical as I thought.

To appease my pragmatic side (and Mr. Peculiar) I have decided to use proceeds from the Etsy shop to pay for George's care. If you, too, would like to help please visit the shop. You might just find that perfect Christmas gift or a little treat for yourself. What better way to buy than with your heart and soul (you'll be saving not only a sweet kitty but also my marriage!).

George would also be ever so grateful if you pass on the word about him.

He tells me he'll flash a smile as soon as I take that horrendous collar of his neck. Soon George. Soon.

XOXO and have a WONDERFUL day!


Addendum: Thanks to Rabbit's lovely suggestion I have set up a donation button on sidebar of the blog. That way you don't have to buy something to help George out. If you are so inclined to donate please also include your mailing address. George thinks it's only proper to send thank you notes.



Rabbit said...

I am gonna repost this on my blog tomorrow to see if we can't get some help for Ol' George there. Do you have somewhere people can donate if they don't want/need anything thru Etsy?

Shalet said...

Thank you Rabbit - I really appreciate it!

Hmmm -- no I don't have a donation site set up. I bet I could do that through PayPal. Let me see what I can do ...

Rabbit said...

Sounds good! Will check back with you. Have the post ready to go - will wait to see what you come up with first though.

Alicia said...

I think S is for Super. :) What a lucky kitty!!

Shalet said...

Okay - done. THANK YOU SO MUCH! My girls are loving on him right now. Such a sweet boy!

Shalet said...

Thank you Alicia. You mean Super Crazy -- right?!! ;OP

Marlene said...

I think what you're doing is fantastic.

I've left you a small donation. I hope it helps a little.

(Found you on Micael's blog).

Shalet said...

Thank you so much Marlene -- I am humbled by the donations. XOXO!

Tammie said...

oh, get better soon george. you're a good soul shalet.

Shalet said...

Thank you Tammie! We went back to the clinic tonight for some more treatment -- a bandage change, urinary catheter removal and some stitches in his foot. Now we all need to hope and pray he can urinate on his own.

Ooops, sorry. My daughter tells me "urinate" is much too formal. Piss is too harsh. Apparently the correct terminology, according to the 10-year-old, is pee.

We all need to pray he can pee on his own.


Nubian said...

Was brought here through Rabbits blog ~ I was reading the post to our cat YumYum and she insisted we make a donation, so we did. We hope it helps. From The McClung family in Oregon.

Shalet said...

Give Yum Yum a great big hug and kiss! George (or it may be Oliver now) is thrilled from head to toe!

Bobbi Lewin said...

Awww he's a tuxedo kitty like my Rose! You're wonderful for taking care of him. Hope he heals quickly:)

Venbead said...

Shalet you are wonderful to take this kitty in and rehabilitate him! I have listed this pendant for him