Friday, November 12, 2010

A quick update on George the Cat

First off his name is no longer George. His name morphed from George to Henry to Oliver. "Oliver" seems to be sticking. I wanted to call him Oliver with a Twist. At that suggestion the kids screwed up their faces, took a poll and promptly voted me off the island. Note to self: a democracy is not a good idea when the children outnumber the adults. At any rate I doubt they got the joke. Perhaps a trip the the library is in order.

Oliver is peeing and pooping. My 10-year-old tells me this is proper terminology. All week I've mistakenly been saying urinating and defecating. I am so not cool. His urinary catheter is out and he is getting up to use the litter box. Walking is still quite painful and though he makes a genuine effort he often misses his mark. One can hardly blame him and truth-be-told I don't mind the extra laundry. Laundry is a never-ending and daily chore. At least blankets are easy to fold.

Right now Oliver is nestled in his bed aka Kirkland Walnut box. Someday in the near future I hope to fashion him a bed from a vintage suitcase. Something like this. I just need to figure out the logistics of such a project.

He still has a bandage on his foot. I'll be taking him in to tomorrow to change that and check his toe injuries. Hopefully they are healing well *fingers crossed*.

While his condo was being cleaned he went nose-to-nose with both our dogs. He seems to be a dog person which is a prerequisite for living in this house. And, yes, cats are people too.

So all in all he is doing well and healing as expected. The kids are worried about him being bored. We've slathered him with cats toys and love in an attempt to keep him entertained. He may end up being the most spoiled cat on the planet.

And now the most important part of this post. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR WONDERFUL AND KIND SUPPORT! Your donations, purchases, tweets and blog posts mean more than you will ever know.

And an FYI. One of my Treasury Troupe teammates make a SPECTACULAR necklace in Oliver's honor. You can find it for sale here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you all!


Theresa said...

I just had to thank you for the laugh this evening. I read back on your last post, and got a huge laugh at"I want to hug him and squeeze him and call him George". Too funny. You are doing the right thing. George is lucky to have found you. I LOVE your blog, it is so refreshingly real.

Theresa said...

Oops, sorry, I just realized his name is now Oliver.

Shalet said...

Hey -- if I had my druthers his name would still be George!! Clearly I don't have my druthers.