Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Take on Snow Globe Soaps

When I saw this tutorial I knew we had to try it. Aren't they adorable?!! I thought these soaps would be perfect for town*.

Only we ran into a bit of trouble. Either a) Alpha Mom found really small trinkets or b) she hada huge ice tray. We had quite a bit of trouble finding trinkets that fit in the confines of our tray.

We did make ice tray soaps but, shall we say, they didn't turn out quite as nice. My daughter is still taking them to school -- we're simply calling them Secret Surprise Soaps (Wash Your Hands to Find the Prize!). Inside are holiday erasers that the kids can use once free from the cleanser. My daughter does not think these goods will be popular with the boys because, as she put it, boys do not wash their hands.

The leftover soap was poured into silicone cupcake molds to get the beauties above. The flower contains a small ornament with the string attached. It can be hung on the tree either before or after the soap is gone (remember soap on a rope?)

I still really like the snow globe idea and am on a mission to find minuscule trinkets. Teensy tiny trinkets. We shall see what I can find.

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* My daughter's 5th grade class holds town every 2 weeks where they make and sell wares for town dollars. They also earn town money by doing classroom jobs throughout the week.

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Jen said...

Very fun. And you're right--they found some extremely tiny trinkets. Do share if you find a source for the itty bitty creatures =)

Love the snowman!