Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The post in which I embody Eeyore (if only briefly)

I must tell you I'm feeling an eensy, weensy bit sorry for myself today. This is the time of year when I realize how much my job impedes on my life. Once again as people gather and raise their glasses in cheer I will be resplendent under the strip mall's fluorescent lights (and yes that is sarcasm).

When the turkey is carved I may very well be removing turkey bones from an over exuberant dog. While my book club watches "The Power of One" I will be sitting alone typing records. While my neighbors have their annual holiday talent show I will be displaying my talent of reasoning with unreasonable people. And while my parents enjoy a quiet evening at home (sans grandchildren as we can't get away) I will knee deep in diarrhea (not my own mind you but diarrhea nonetheless). And yes, yes -- when I took this job I knew it entailed nights, weekends and holidays (and, for that matter, diarrhea). But I've been working this schedule for ten years and, truth-be-told, I could use a sabbatical. But a sabbatical is not in the cards.

I do my best to make lemons from lemonade. Next weekend we are hosting a pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving (note to self -- get turkey). We'll have a few friends over and stuff them to the hilt. I know it will be a lovely time. And I know on the actual thanksgiving I will be performing a necessary and needed service for our community. And yet. Yet. On days like today I still feel sorry for myself. I wish I had a job that I could schedule around my life instead of the other way around.

But I don't. And perhaps I won't. Still I'm telling you Duckie you're really quite lucky. Some people are muchly, oh, ever so muchly, muchly more unlucky than you!

And there it is. I am lucky. Lucky in so many ways. I have a happy (relatively) and healthy family. We have a roof over our heads. Friends to share with. Food on the table. Hot coffee each and every morning. A washer and dryer. Indoor plumbing. The list goes on and on.

What right do I have to moan and groan? None. Diddly Squat. Zip. Zero. Zilch.

When I feel this way I know it's time to step outside of myself and do something for others. This morning I signed up for a charitable run. A run on Thanksgiving to support the food banks. I'll get some much needed exercise and then go to work -- hopefully feeling better for it.

But don't get me wrong. It's not all altruistic and lovey. Yes it's for a good cause. But people -- the shirts were simply too cute to pass up. I need to find other ways to help -- if not financially then with my time. As such I'm keeping an eye out for opportunities.

Tell me - what are your favorite charitable organizations?


Tammie said...

we all need to let our inner eeyore out from time to time. and i know where you're coming from, my husband has to work on thanksgiving too. his mall is having a midnight madness sale and he'll be working from about 7 in the evening until three in the morning. it sucks.

Pam - captured by our cameras said...

As I pet owner, I appreciate your sacrifice. And please know, it's OK to moan and groan.

Debi said...

I am very fortunate to work in a public school so I never have to work holidays... but my son is a corrections officer, my daughter works part-time at the mall, my two sisters-in-law are nurses... they all work the holidays. So I empathize with your situation and I agree totally with Pam... it is perfectly ok to moan and groan once in a while.

Shalet said...

Aw -- thanks ladies. Sometimes a gal just needs to vent. ;o)

Jen said...

I hope you're having a warm, wonderful pre-thanksgiving Thanksgiving!

Last time I felt like that I did the same thing... donated to Vital Voices. http://www.vitalvoices.org/what-we-do

Eeyore serves a purpose, though he may not yet know the real reason he's moping.