Thursday, February 25, 2010

Love Thursday

Today I'm loving:
  • Halloween in February (which may even end up in a book!)
  • Bright hearts constructed by an awesome teacher
  • Chickens who have decided they do indeed lay eggs
  • Glorious warm sunny days tucked into winter
  • One Peculiar Momma who started running again (albeit slowly)
  • Swans paddling through the river
  • Geese squawking overhead
  • Birds chirping and rustling through the reeds
  • The smell of granola baking in the oven
  • Little girls who love to snuggle
  • Little boys who aren't so little anymore
  • Grandparents who take the kids overnight so parents can work
  • Being halfway through our rough schedule
  • Starting a new book with my daughter
  • This post (I wish I was part of it!)
  • A weekend off

Happy Love Thursday!

1 comment:

Mrs. E said...

I love your list! I'm also really glad you have the weekend off. I have a hunch you are due!! Happy Weekend!
PS. I'm leaning toward Grover, too--you may have just tipped the scale!