Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to make a felt heart

Here I am at 6 pm; still in my scrubs from last night. Soon I'll need to change clothes and head back to work. In the meantime chili is simmering in the crockpot, Little has her feet tucked in my lap, we're watching the Super Bowl (sort of) and sewing hearts.

The act of drawing needle through fabric is cathartic; I feel the pull of women past. I may be a "modern working woman" but am a nurturer first; it's genetically encoded. And when I'm in the middle of difficult shifts I need to pull my family close and act, well, motherly. Thus the sewing, knitting, cooking and baking. Of course men can and do all these activities (my son is taking sewing in school). And, obviously, women are not defined by their homemaking skills. Yet homemaking and nurturing are very important tasks and are duties I'm proud to shoulder.


How to make your own felt heart:

  1. Take a piece of felt and cut out a heart (I fold mine in half and cut it out just like in grade school.)
  2. Using embroidery floss sew a blanket stitch around the border.
  3. That's it! Easy peasy!
Check out this link for making a knot in your thread. Indeed this is my new favorite knot!


I hope you had a lovely weekend!


Mrs. E said...

Blanket stitching is my favorite!

Honorary Indian said...

YEA! Thanks for the instructions! Hoping my local Walmart has some red felt so I can make some of these precious little hearts by the weekend. :-)

Gayle said...

I don't know how to do the blanket stitch. I'm off to check out the link!