Friday, November 27, 2009

Frugal Friday: Advent My Way

Ahhhh. Thanksgiving is over and the holiday season has officially begun. I'm spending the day not shopping (okay - I did hit a few thrift stores but that doesn't count). Instead today has been set aside for creating.

This year my daughter requested an advent calendar and that's just what we're making. We are converting a thrifted pair of holiday pajamas into little stockings and bags. These will be numbered and hung on our Charlie Brown tree. We'll also be using some holiday boxes saved from years past.

Only here's the thing. My children don't need anything. Seriously. I refuse to bring more junk into this house. In fact I've recently been purging -- eliminating all the items my children won't clean up. There are literally bags and bags full of toys piled in the garage.

My goal for each day of advent is to go through these bags. Each child will receive a daily gift from this stock (probably things they've forgotten they own). The rest of the "junk" will be given to a good cause. If they're very well behaved my children might also receive a tasty treat or something homemade.

In this way we will have a fantastic, frugal and uncluttered holiday.

For another great advent idea check out Maya's toilet paper roll tutorial.



TAMI said...

Advent is my FAVORITE time of the year!! By the "Christian Calendar" it starts this Sunday, which our family does, but I know most start people begin on Dec. 1st.

Blessings to your family as you count down the days to celebrating the most significant BLESSING of all!!

Lenetta @ Nettacow said...

Haha - I love that you're doing it YOUR way. :>) I linked to you on my weekly roundup, post is here. Thanks!

sactrippers said...

We just made and are enjoying our advent calendar too. I love your idea - thanks for sharing :)

Mrs. E said...

I know what you mean about your kids not needing "things." It is so true for all of us. It took me a lot longer than you to discover this fact. I am a believer in giving the gift of "presence." That is all we really need!