Monday, November 9, 2009

Rocket Man

Well yesterday my laptop went kerplunk. It simply wouldn't boot up. And so today it's in the repair shop for diagnostics. I am hoping and praying for a quick and easy fix because, really, there are other things I'd rather spend my money on.

We are not computerless. We have the family unit upstairs. And yet I find myself naked; stripped to the bone. How did I become so dependent upon a piece of technology that didn't even exist twenty-years ago?

Nevertheless I am completely and irrevocably addicted. This machinery is my second brain (or my only brain depending upon who you ask). Oddly enough I was also without my laptop around this time last year. Hmmm - maybe there's a theme here. It's a message from the universe to get back to the basics as it were.

I do have things to keep myself busy ... books from the library, knitting, sewing and chanters to pipe on. Additionally my house always has laundry and dishes to be done. Should you find yourself bored I can most definitely put you to work (by the way my infinitely bored children never accept this offer to I won't take it personally should you do the same).

All of this to say that, until further notice, I will be somewhat scarce in this virtual world. In the meantime I leave you with the above photo of Rocket Man. He is my latest sewing project; a Christmas gift for my nephews (one down one to go). Forgive the juvenile paint job; I could not find a brush and had to make do with a q-tip (oh if only my stuff belonged to me and only me!).

Should you be interested in making a Rocket Man of your very own you can find the pattern here.

Here's hoping I'm back online shortly!



Mrs. E said...

So sorry for you & your laptop! We are addicts aren't we?!

UberGrumpy said...

Love the rocket man! When my laptop goes kerploof maybe I'll have time to make one...

Tammie said...

love the rocket man.

and its funny, well, maybe not funny, but as i was reading this i was like "wasnt her laptop broken not too long ago?"

anyway, hope its all fixed soon enough.

gayle said...

Hope your laptop has a quick and inexpensive recovery! The rocket man is very cool.