Wednesday, February 25, 2009

We interrupt this blog for a touch of bitching and speck of complaining.

When I was a child I assumed grown-ups were grown up. They were the mature rational beings that ran our world (maybe this assumption was made because my parents are such quiet analytical people).

Then I grew up. And to my dismay I found myself living and working among grown ass individuals who still behaved like children. The specifics of my current source of frustration can not be hashed out here in case my colleagues come across this post. But suffice it to say some people are difficult, irrational and just plain childish ... even if they are degreed professionals well into their fifties. Today I could not step back and allow the snarky email comments to slide off me like water on a duck. Apparently I’ve not been preening my feathers well enough because I had to respond. I told this person he was a childish imbecile, via email of course, cced to all other members of the board. Though if I had the opportunity to confront this individual in person I would have said the same thing. Now I get to attend the next board meeting and see him face to face. That will be such a joy.

Generally I am shy person. The quiet one sitting in the corner keeping my thoughts to myself. But with certain people I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut. I am the little girl shouting it out against the good ‘ol boys that have run our society for so long. I’m not sure my response did anything to further my cause. I do, however, feel better having stood up for myself.

And there are other good things to come from this virtual disagreement. I cleaned my kitchen (those who’ve been here before know I clean when frustrated ... you’d think my house would be spotless given my level of frustration with so many things in this world. But you’d be wrong since there are more mess makers than vexed cleaners living in this particular household).

And the other good thing? I have something to write to you-- albeit a complaint but I’m blogging nonetheless.

Mmmm. I feel better. Thanks for listening. And now back to our regularly scheduled program; knitting and chickens ...

It seems I am perfectly content to follow the most popular bloggy trends. After a nearly two-month hiatus I am knitting again. This time I’m making a sweater, just for me. The February Lady Sweater. There are only 4,366 other people on Ravelry knitting this same garment. Mine is a lovely Cascade 220 blue heathers. And I think it is the reason I’ve been so quiet around here. The knitting forces me to think. Like a Sanskrit chant the pattern is a mantra to quiet my mind. Knit one, knit two together, yarn over, knit one, yarn over, slip slip knit, knit one.

Only I'm not knitting today, at least not at this moment for fear my stitches will be too taut. I don’t want a sweater with anger knit in. I don’t want a section of too tight rows, a permanent reminder of temporary frustration. I suspect a few more deep breaths and a little more cleaning and I’ll be able to hit the needles again (that sounds a bit like a drug reference doesn’t it?!! Ah well I’ll leave it for your amusement).

And another bloggy trend ... backyard chickens. I’ve wanted chickens for nearly a year now. This week I finally convinced the husband it was a good idea. Hip hip hooray! We bought coop plans and even picked out our chicken breed -Wyandottes. Wyandottes are hearty, winter ready, brown egg layers, amenable to confinement and docile. Plus they are gorgeous to boot! Once we build our coop I’ll be purchasing the chicks from My Pet Chicken. They ship them in the mail when the chicks are one day old. The only problem is, for our area, the minimum chick order is eight chickens. Legally we can have four chickens in our yard. So our next mission is find someone who wants to split an order of chicks. I really quite excited about this and will likely be blogging about our journey as we go.

And one more bloggerific trend we are participating in ... artist trading cards. My girls created five cards a piece which will be traded with other children their own age (see photo above). They get to participate in an art project and send and receive mail. Such fun! We’re getting these little buggers in the mail today.

Well it seems you are all caught up with the goings on here in my little neck of the woods. I hope you are all well and having a wonderful Wednesday!



Molly said...

i'm all for bitching on the blog when necessary - i always feel so much better when i get it off my chest. yay for the chickens and the february sweater! i've been wanting to knit that sweater ever since it appeared in all the "cool cats" started knitting. just can't quite take the next step in knitting and commit myself to a sweater (and can't quite justify the yarn purchase to my husband).

Anonymous said...

"I don't want a sweater with anger knit in." The perfect line. We do wear our nits and picks on our sleeves, don't we?

dairy princess said...

I don't think we're super close, geographically, but I would take half of your backyard chicks in a heartbeat! :)

Amy said...

Aren't blogs specifically for barfing on? That's what I thought, at least...
Wyandottes are my favorites. Too bad we don't live closer to eachother. We could:
1. share chickens
2. talk smack about your colleague, 'cuz I would probably work with you, and know exactly what you were dealing with...oh wait, that make and model lives in my neighborhood too. gotta love those old guys. geesh. good thing your kitchen glows now...

Sarah said...

For a second, I thought this was my post :0) We love ATC in all forms--paper, cloth, name it. Your kids are wonderful artists! Hope to see you at one of the knitups soon. By the way, feel free to bring your children to Dudley's--it is very conducsive and inviting for young ones too. There are a few teens including my daughter attend regularly. My 10-year-old comes to hang out from time to time. So, keep that in mind. It's a wonderful place to hang out...and we too are good listeners.

ELK said...

i have missed you here!
i want to swap ATC with you!

can so relate to "there more mess makers than vexed cleaners living in this particular household"

hang in there my friend! ELK

Jessica at May the Beauty said...

So glad there are women like you (and me) who snap and remind those old boys of their manners.

I have chicken envy. It's true. I wonder what my city's urban laws are about chickens and how to find out?

I have knitting envy too. Learning how is on my list. How did you learn how?

Gayle said...

Good for you for sticking up for yourself! I also am so shocked sometimes at the way adults act.

Love the sweater. I have been thinking about trying knitting again. I like to knit, but if I make a mistake, I'm lost. I don't know how to fix it!

We have been thinking about chickens lately. Let us know how it goes.

Donna said...

I hear you...occassionally I feel like I am dealing with people who never left high school. I'm kinda shy too so I often keep my distaste for these people to myself...but sometimes....well lets just say its therapeutic to vent. And I am so excited about your chickens. With 4 of them you will end up with eggs coming out of your ears. How wonderful!

the Lady said...

Have fun with your chickens! I'm sure you can put the word out on Craigslist if nothing else, about splitting them. I'm sorry people can be so horrid - I rant about the freaks all the time, it helps. What else are blogs for?

Liss said...

I am hearing you on this one. I have a list of things to complain about at the moment. Good on you for sticking up for yourself and what you believe in. I am over tip toeing around to keep the peace. If someone does something wrong I will speak out. It may not always win me friends but at least I have stood up for what is right. In your circumstance at very least the imbecile in question will never treat you that way again.