Friday, February 13, 2009

Frugal Friday the Valentine's Addition

I'm sitting in my favorite chair watching the snow come down; gigantic fluffy flakes -- perfect for catching on your tongue. Perfect for dancing in; arms out, palms to the sky, deliriously spinning, spinning. And when the snow settles, when it forms fluffy nests on the ground, it will be perfect for snow angels.

Tonight the hub and I are going out in the fluffy white wonderland. We'll bundle up, knit hats and scarves, gloves and woolen jackets. Tonight we're celebrating Valentine's. And yes I know it is the 13th. Friday the 13th to be exact. One thing I've learned from working emergency -- celebrations are about sentiment and not a date on a calendar. So, even though I don't have to work tomorrow, we are celebrating a day early. Tonight we won't need reservations, we won't be fighting crowds and we won't be paying for overpriced meals. Instead we're going to happy hour at a local hot spot. Then we're going to walk around town for Winterfest. There's even a wine walk to get people into local businesses. Hey if recession = free wine then bring it on!

As for gifts ... still the simple frugal route.

I'm knitting the hub his very own pair of fuzzy feet.

Clearly they still need to be felted. He's a big guy but not that big!

From the hub I'll be getting a pedicure (no, no he won't be painting my nails himself - that would be a frightening endeavor). Our neighbor is a manicurist and does inexpensive pedicures from home. An awesome foot rub and pretty toes nails? Can't beat it! For a week or two I'll even look presentable in yoga class.

As for the kids we got them treasures from the Goodwill; a crystal growing kit for the boy and shabby chic room decor for the girls.

Holidays are about family. They're about love and caring and togetherness. They are not about money or gifts. Many think Valentine's is a hallmark invention. And indeed it may be but you don't have to buy their pitch. Instead go out on Friday the 13th and fill the world with love!



Gayle said...

We went out for a family dinner tonight at a local diner. We had a really nice time. We make each other cards. Frugal is a great way to go for spreading the love!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Bridge said...

so true. we had our date tonight. nice socks too!

Donna said...

I did a handmade swap with another blogger. She made 3 little bean bag animals that are filled with rice for my kids and I made dolls for hers. So that is what my kids got for valentines day....they LOVED them. Have been warming them up in the microwave and carrying them around all day. Very frugal AND fun! HVD

ELK said...

i gave my hub a new waffle maker (ours was dying) and he is making waffles tonight...we'll light candles!!

May the Beauty said...

I love that all holidays are family holidays for you.

In our house, we visited grandma, and took time off of work to spend together as a family.