Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I’m coming up on my one year blogoversary. And yesterday I went back to read my initial entries; specifically this one.

So, what have I accomplished over the past year? Most certainly I’ve written more. Not every day mind you but much much more.

And, in light of economic circumstances, we cook at home almost exclusively. Though I’ve neglected to post a culinary map.

I continue to struggle with the house, keeping it clean and manageable but have donated and/or thrown out many many things.

I’ve gone on several walks. I finished a sprint triathlon.

I’ve not flipped off any old men.

And we went on two short car trips last year: to visit relatives in California and a week in the San Juan Islands.

This year I hope to build on last year’s accomplishments. And here’s the thing. I really want to travel. Specifically I want to go to Washington DC to see the cherry blossoms. Plane tickets are relatively inexpensive ($200.00 a piece round trip). Housing costs a bit more ($1600.00 for a week). We could probably do the whole trip for $3000.00 to $4000.00 for our family of five (including airfare, housing, food, etc). Do we have the money? No. Do I have the desire? Absolutely!

More than desire I feel we are meant to take this trip. I can justify it in so many ways ... it is highly educational, everyone needs a mental break from their routine, it’s the perfect way to expose our children to the inner workings of the government, my son will be out of the house sooner than later ... we need to do these things while we still can, I could take spectacular photographs, etc. etc.

If only it didn’t cost money. Dagnamit! So where does this leave me? It leaves me searching the VRBO sites in Washington DC. It leaves me fantasizing about what I’d do if I had my druthers.

Ah, well, there’s always 2010.


ELK said...

keep dreaming `you never know right!?

the photo is great with your words

Anonymous said...

Big thumb's up for VRBO rentals. However, "exposing children to the inner workings of the government" is far from civil or civics!

Jane_hates_Dick said...

I am terribly impressed by both the sprint triathlon, and the not flipping off any old men.

I hope things magically line up in a way that allows you to take your trip to see the cherry blossoms.

Jamie said...

I have a tip for you on saving money on housing when you travel! There are lots of corporate housing companies that offer fully furnished apartments at cheaper nightly rates than hotels. And if you're staying for at least a weak you can get even better deals. It's a great deal for families as there is usually a washer/dryer in the units plus a full kitchen so you can eat in instead of out every night. I used to work in corporate housing - they love vacationers to fill in their gaps!

Gayle said...

Those are some great accomplishments in the past year! I hope you get to go to DC this year or next. We have been there (it's closer for us) and love the museums! We haven't been there during cherry blossom time though.

Liss said...

It’s good to have something to look forward to. Maybe a little savings plan might help. Even if you get to DC in a year or 2 it would be worth it.

I wish you well on the things you are yet to do and congratulate you on the things you managed to do.

Michelle said...

Well, the good news is that Washington DC is one of those places where your kids get more out of a visit as they get older. I was 13/14 when we were there, and even a couple more years would have made a big difference in my understanding of what I saw. Save those pennies! The cherry blossoms come back every year!