Monday, November 24, 2008


Meet Harold. Shhhh! Don't tell my nephews. This elephant is slated for gifting. He turned out decent though I suspect the next one will be even better now that I'm an experienced toy knitter. He took me the entire weekend to complete. Miraculously, instead of being annoyed by my incessant knitting, the family became inspired. They are joining the homemade gift revolution.

Middle daughter started making sachets from scrap material. She's learning to sew, recycle and reuse. The sachet is filled with tea too old to drink but not too old to smell wonderful.

The hubbie is going to have a go at limoncello (we are now on the lookout for 750 ml flip top clear glass bottles if anyone has a source). Of course the brewer must create some sort of alcoholic beverage.

Though I've been knitting like crazy I did not do so today. Today my free beeswax arrived -- fresh from harvest; spectacular local raw wax mixed with honey. In the kitchen turned chemistry lab I attempted to perfect a hand cream recipe. Let's just say I'm still solidly in the experimental stage.

In the meantime I made some of these handmade lotion bars (only I substituted almond oil for the vegetable oil and added a touch of grapefruit seed extract for additional aroma). These bars will also be gifted to friends and family.

The economy continues to be tight. We continue to cinch our belts. Our retirement savings have been halved (halved!). And yet we are rich. Rich with effort. Rich with love. Rich with family. I can't think of a better way to be.


Anonymous said...

Now how cute is that little elephant! When I saw the body the other day, I was expecting a bear, but the elephant is the perfect choice. Your other projects look inspiring, too.

Donna said...

Harold is just divine...In fact, all your homemade gifts are wonderful. We are going that route too this year with lots of family and friends. Knitted scarves, scented candles and homemade cookies are on our giving list. And I think that not only do the kids enjoy making these gifts it gives them a real sense of what is important about the giving. Not so much about what is given but the thought and effort involved. Thanks for the limoncello recipe. I am going to HAVE to try this. It sounds delicious!

Bridge said...

rich yes, always rich with the best things in life that are not things.

love your gifts. talented!

Anonymous said...

What brightness you bring.

Jamie said...

I bet your house smells WONDERFUL with all your great homemade projects!

Jen said...

the elephant turned out GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!