Wednesday, November 26, 2008


As the holidays arrive I am calm. We are not traveling. We do not have big plans with family or friends. I’ll be working nights and trying to talk my husband through cooking his first turkey during the day. I only have eight hours between shifts on Thanksgiving day. Just enough time to catch a wink and eat a bite. We are going simple. A turkey, stuffing and green bean casserole. Just the five of us with little fanfare.

I am grateful we won’t be doing a last minute scrub down of the house. (Now certainly if my kids felt like cleaning their rooms I would not complain). But I am also grateful for many other things. For my family - that sweet babe who insisted on showering with me yesterday, her perfect rubenesque body, soft soft skin and tiny person voice. For that young man who is still sleeping at nearly 11:00 am. Yesterday he wanted to fish so he hopped on his bike with a fishing pole and took off for the pond - a Norman Rockwell moment if I’ve ever seen one. For middle daughter who in the midst of a sleep over decided to come home. She wanted to be in the arms of her family. And for my husband who got up a 5:00 am to go to work. The same man who will hold down the Thanksgiving fort while I work. I’m grateful we are bringing in the bacon, so to speak, even if it means odd work schedules and irregular hours.

I am grateful for a roof over our heads and a family that would take us in should this roof disappear. I’m grateful for yarn and knitting and the calm it brings. I’m grateful for home cooked food that fills this house with love. I am grateful for our health. I’m grateful for wine and beer and spirits to share with friends. I’m grateful for the labrador who sleeps on my bed. I’m grateful for my down comforter and flannel sheets. I’m grateful for my neighbor who brings over fresh roasted coffee.

We have so many things. And the one thing no economy can take away? Love. If we were huddled in a tent, cold and hungry and not knowing what was to come, we would have love. About that I am certain.


Every year we make a holiday DVD for our friends and family. It is a slide show of photos set to music. This year the theme is gratefulness. I have been struggling to come up with music. I want is an upbeat indy folk song that talks about being grateful - is that too much to ask?

Here are a few contenders:

The Littlest Birds
by They Might be Tanyas

Born to Hum by Erin McKeown

Any suggestions?


The WoodLand School said...

My ultimate go-to gratitude song:
Find Joy by Big Wide Grin!
Here's a link: ... you can listen to Find Joy with a link on the left-hand side of the screen.

Let me know what you think : )

Donna said...

Oh...definitely "Born to Hum" I love that song. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things in your life that are good.I think by verbalizing all the things we love about our lives we pay it forward and cause others to stop and reflect about their lives. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving...even if you do have to work!

leaca said...

I love searching for music. I may get back to you on this one.

Amy said...

Both excellent song choices. Are 'Thank You' by Dido or 'Kind and Generous' by Natalie Merchant too corny?

Lovely post Shalet.

Bridge said...

If I had to choose a song for our family DVD slide show it would either be "Long May You Run" by Neil Young or "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan.

Have a great 8 hour slot tomorrow and know we are grateful for you and your inspiring even minded words.


Liss said...

Happy thanks giving. I like the littlest bird for song choice
BTW: I played your meme

Jen said...

i love your list of gratitudes! this is a kids song but...check out the track "The Song of Life"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful grateful list.