Monday, June 2, 2008

Cross the line

Our veterinary hospital is being remodeled in phases. We leased the building next door, built it out and tore down the walls between old and new. This weekend we moved into the new space and tomorrow will begin remodeling the old. The new portion is sparkly, professional and akin to the medicine we practice. I love it. And yes, sparkly is a word used by professionals. Ooooh shiny.

During this process, however, we neglected to consult our clinic cat. He had no say in the design or construction process. He didn’t even get to pick wall colors. And he is not impressed. He remains alone in the old side forlorn and wondering why everyone left. He is sticking with what is comfortable and familiar. He refuses to cross the line.

And I wonder how many people refuse to cross the proverbial line. How many people habitually cling to what is instead of what could be? Don’t get me wrong - I fully condone living in the moment. But life is capricious. Life is change. To live in the moment is to embrace change.

Some people go full bore courageously stepping into new and exciting adventures. With envy I watch their lives open and evolve. Fear is present to be sure. But they do it anyway.

And me? I wonder what lines I am refusing to cross and what wonderful things could be waiting on the other side.

How about you?


Jaime said...

Fantastic picture!!! Wow..those eyes!

I wonder at times what lines I am refusing to cross too...but every once in a while I amaze myself at the ones I do dare venture over.
Sometimes we are fearful, sometimes we are's all a part of being human.


Anonymous said...

Love the photo as well. What lines am I refusing to cross? The line into freedom. The line into aloneness.

Lots of fears but I'm also learning to sit and and wait. Not something I've ever been good at, this waiting.

Chloe said...

Aww poor kitty. I can relate to wanting the comfort and security of having things stay the same, to not cross the line. But I find the more times I cross it the easier it becomes. When I look back on times when I almost peed my pants from fear, I realize the reality was not nearly as scary as what I’ve created in my mind, and the payoff was well worth it.