Thursday, May 8, 2008

A mound of luminous mulch rests in the road patiently awaiting relocation. She’s pulling weeds: grasses gone awry, seedlings from far away. She’s undoing the work of the earth and the dogs. She’s putting it back her way. Her biceps burn, as do her obliques - the toll of triathlon training.

Her friend arrives tomorrow, someone she hasn’t seen in eight years. Today she’s seeing her house through the eyes of another - an unkept garden, dirty floors, the filth muck of children and pets. It won’t all get done. She’s only one person. Her friend will see a snapshot of life instead of a pottery barn interior.

And yet she continues, pulling weeds, raking leaves, spreading mulch. She’s doing it for her friend, yes, but she’s also doing it for herself; to walk out on a crisp morning and inhale the aroma of mulched hemlock; the smell of decay and renewal, an organic reminder of the circle of life.

She inspects emerging perennials: hostas long thought dead sprouting from the depths of the earth, daffodils stretching towards the sun, bleeding hearts bursting from the soil in a fit of exuberance.

It occurs to her - she too is perennial: her aching musculature reaching for the surface like a bud from a bulb. So she continues; she keeps pulling, raking and spreading, running, biking and swimming. She continues knowing soon everything will be in bloom.


For the past week I’ve been serious about my triathlon training. I ran, biked, swam and did yoga. I’m sore to be sure but feel great. I’ve also been very cognizant of my diet - limiting caffeine, sugar and processed foods. In addition I’ve been taking vitamins daily - a multi-vitamin, a magnesium supplement and a fish oil capsule.

And here is the interesting part - my heart palpitations have all but diminished. When I rest I don’t feel my heart bursting from my chest. Perhaps exercise and a healthy diet is what I needed all along - go figure!


Today I'm loving my unkempt garden, my house full of messy children and my not yet fit body. What do you love?

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Deeapaulitan said...

You. I love you. Thanks for sharing your life with us. It's beautiful.

Blogging Molly said...

Love the analogy. I bet you and your garden are beautiful in all phases of growth.

Marcie said...

Your writing is beautiful. Love the metaphors and analogy you've made to new life blooming.

Impressed and inspired by your triathalon training.

Bridge said...

I am so happy for you!! You rock!

Anonymous said...

I love coming here in my restless wandering and finding what I need to go out now, for my run.

Honorary Indian said...

I giggled when I read you had started taking a multivitamin and a fish oil capsule daily.

SO DID I!!!!

It may be all in my head...but I FEEL more energetic. Really has helped with the training. So glad you're feeling in tip-top shape, too.

Trying to put events together when I work out now...Wednesday we biked THEN ran. Thought I might keel over but made it.

Tomorrow I'm running THEN swimming...Tuesday I'll be in the very cold lake...hopefully with a not-so-hungry alligator.

Mother's Day is for RESTING!

Happy Mother's Day to you.

smtwngrl said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Thanks for the comment support last week. I made my donation today.

Carrien said...

go you.

Gayle said...

Shalet, I love this glimpse into your life one year ago!

Thank you for adding it to Monday Memories!