Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gifts, gifts, gifts in the mail!

Yesterday there was a package by my front door. It was this wonderful Sally Dworsky CD entitled Boxes - a special little something won from a give-away over at Jen Lemen's blog.

With this gift my day was brighter and things just seemed to go my way. For example, my son tore a hole into a bag of popcorn. And as a prototypical tween he put the bag back in the pantry - a kernel time bomb which went off yesterday as I was unloading groceries. Clearly the popcorn needed a new container. I found a glass jar and transferred the remaining popcorn into it. And you know what? It fit perfectly - down to the last kernel. Then I vacuumed the spilled kernels and giggled to myself as I imagined them popping in the vacuum bag. All was well and the universe was on my side (corny I know and the pun is fully intended).

My point being that small acts of kindness from a relative stranger can really make the world a better brighter place. And what perfect timing - I needed a little light. Now I'm going back to my knitting with the hope that this scarf will be a bright spot in someone else's day.

Thank you Jen Lemen and thank you Sally Dworsky - you made my day!

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