Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How to save six dollars and ninety-five cents

1) Decide to have leftover meatloaf for dinner (gee I wonder why we had leftover meatloaf).

2) Realize you have nothing to go with meatloaf.

3) Examine your pajamas.

4) Visualize yourself catwalking down the grocery isle in your pajamas (yes you wore them all day).

5) Elect to stay home.

6) Go to this website and get recipe for homemade rolls.

7) Gather the ingredients from your kitchen (yes all the ingredients are right there).

8) Make bread; add rosemary while kneading and top rolls with sea salt.

9) Eat dinner; meatloaf sandwiches.

10) Revel in the fact that wardrobe inertia saved you $6.95 on bakery rolls.

Whoo hooo! Early retirement here we come; all pajamas all day!

(For those of you concerned that we're eating week-old meatloaf - not to worry. The baking and consuming of meatloaf occured last Friday, the day after our initial loaf purchase. Just say no to food poisoning!)


bella said...

Staying in pajamas saves me everytime. :)
There is nothing quite like baking something from scratch, finding ingredients here and there, turning odds and ends to nourishment.

keeper of the chocolates said...

did i hear ya say..'all day pj's'? now thats a girl after my own heart! i was just talking the other day about how we all need a once a month 'pj' day! yes!

ok...now you have me wanting meatloaf in a rosemary biscuit. off to copy paste that recipe :)

ps, happy LT!