Friday, March 7, 2008

The Birth of a Day

The sun peaks over the Ochocos; rays of light stretch across the town caressing people in their wake, just enough warmth to counter the chill, a hint of the day to come. Perched on the gable a mourning dove gently coos to lost lovers and days gone by.

Steam fills the bathroom, soap bubbles float through the air, the room is infused with lavender and camomile. Coffee percolates in the kitchen. Camomile and java grab hands, whirl through the kitchen in an aromatic tango and drift upstairs; an invisible announcement to the lofty occupants, wake up, a new day has dawned.

The dog barks to be let out. Hello! Good morning! I wish to greet the sun! She bounds out the door, rolls in the dirt and shakes it off; every cell is invigorated, alive, alert.

The neighbor starts his car. The engine’s gentle hum melds with the sparrows’ twitter; music of man and nature in perfect harmony.

Sleepy-eyed children saunter down the stairs; innocent and pure, still too drowsy to contemplate homework or test scores instead recalling the magical fantasies of the night.

Good morning all! Here is the birth of a day!

* * *
The sun blasts annoyingly through the window disrupting sleep. It pretends warmth but fools no one; we all know it’s below freezing. Why aren't the damn mountains taller? A bird has accosted the roof and won’t stop moaning; go eat a worm already.

Someone is banging around in the shower and everything is steamy - fodder for mold and mildew; future chores in the making. And someone's using way too much soap - you can smell it in the hallway. Coffee pops and rattles in the kitchen; the coffee and soap mix together stinking up the house.

The damn dog won’t shut up. Once outside she rolls in the mud - just wonderful.

The neighbor's car is spewing pollution and why in the hell are those birds so flippin happy?

The kids meander down the stairs still half asleep, you’d think they didn’t have a care in the world. Don’t they know it’s a school day?

Come on everyone, get a move on, it’s morning!

* * *

What side of the bed did you get up on today?


Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I really liked it.

Anonymous said...

You've made the choice brilliantly clear.

Bridge said...

LOVE This Love this.
Did I say I love this???