Saturday, July 30, 2011

Moose Pillows

This week my mother had a birthday (happy birthday Mom!). I wanted to make her something personal and functional. She just got an ipad (lucky gal!). I debated an ipad cover but was afraid she might already have one (note to self -- excellent holiday idea).

Stymied I perused the internet until I found this pillow via One Pretty Thing. How perfect! My parent's house is decorated in Northwest nature decor and these pillows will fit right in.

Rather than applique I made freezer paper stencils and used fabric paint and glitter already in my stash. The moose pictures were found via a quick Google search for moose silhouette. The fabric was a fabulous thrifty find - six yards full. I may use the left overs to sew a skirt (or two) for myself.

The pillow cases, themselves, have a basic envelope closure. The inserts were found at Jo'Anns (don't forget to go online and print a coupon before heading off to the store).

This was a fun and easy project. Now I'm thinking I might keep up the trend and make a few pillows for the holidays -- I've always loved these little diddies.

So happy to be back on the crafting wagon! Indeed it keeps me sane.


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Anonymous said...

Very nice! You make it sound so easy!!! They look great!