Friday, July 15, 2011

A little of this and a little of that.

This will be another marking post. Things we've been up to. Stuff we've been doing.

First off I must say -- how oh how can summer be half over? I feel like I should have something to show for it. Something accomplished. And yet it feels as if little has been done.

My tomatoes are growing like crazy. I've moved them to my raised beds where they spend their days covered and protected. They've all been transplanted into half gallon garden pots and it is time for me to let them go. Some I've already given to co-workers. The remainder will be sold (hopefully) on Sunday at our first annual plant sale/lemonade stand. I have grand plans for this event -- lemonade (with real lemons), a vintage juice squeezer, a yellow formica table, a hand sewn bunting, and, or course, tomato plants.

I'm finding myself hesitant. I've grown these plants from seeds. Nurtured them. Coddled them. And so, continuing my neurosis, I'll be sending them off with a handout -- the proper care and feeding of tomatoes. Hopefully these little plants of mine will find loving homes and be prolific bearers of fruit.

My side garden is also in full bloom. The beehive is now surrounded by flowers -- purple, yellow, magenta. The honey bees love it. As do our local bumble bees. These amazing insects float from flower to flower in perfect harmony. I've yet to get stung. My hive seems to be quite tolerant. For that I am grateful.

We did make it to the lake once last week. The canoe and kayak are *still* on top of my car. I'm hoping to go back up this weekend (perhaps after our plant sale). Though Hosmer is our typical haunt I'd like to mix it up a bit and try Spark's Lake.

We also made it to the pool once. But only once which feels strange as we typically spend many of our summer days there. I need to sign Little up for swim lessons which will *hopefully* prompt us into action.

What I've not been doing (shame on me): housecleaning, practicing my bagpipes, maintaining my Etsy shop, sewing, knitting, creating. These are all things I'd like to (and should) do. But I've been struggling with our lack of routine. I'm prone to sleep in. To meander. To get lost in this or that.

My goal for the remainder of the month is to set myself a schedule. To accomplish some of the things on my list. But that will have to wait until the weekend is done. First we are going to see Harry Potter, have a feast (thank you Sean and Molly!) and our plant sale.

Oh and tomorrow I'll be getting my haircut for the first time in two years. Nothing drastic. Just a much needed clean up.

So, yes, I guess we have done things and been places despite what it seems. And now it looks like rain so I'd best get my laptop inside.


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