Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trying Not to Panic

It's dance recital week. This means a five hour rehearsal on Monday, another on Tuesday and then the performance tonight and tomorrow. All of us girls are dancing. Yes. You read right. All. Little, Middle and Me.

In an mid-life moment I joined the adult dance troop. Tonight I will be up on stage, in a tutu, tapping my heart out. And then the audience will be treated to a lovely rendition of hip hop. This a week before I turn forty.

Today I'm washing and gathering costumes, figuring out some sort of snack so the girls don't starve (and subsequently meltdown), finding the boys recital tickets *and* hauling a load of yard debris to the dump (long story).

Oh yes and today is my son's birthday. Happy birthday boy! I've yet to get his real gift. For now he gets recital ticket. What every fifteen year old boy wants for his birthday --to watch his mother dance on stage. Yippee!

When this is all said and I done I suspect I'll have a great sense of accomplishment. In the meantime I'm simply trying not to panic.


Jordan said...

Rehearsal is always my favorite. You get to dance on the stage, but you're not nervous because all of your loved ones aren't there to cheer you on yet. Except when you are in a zillion classes your recital starts at 8 am sharp and you're there until 1 am sometimes. But it's all in good fun. I hope you guys have the best recital and I'm sure you will all be wonderful! Break a leg!

Karen said...

I think that this time in your life is the PERFECT time to get up there & get your groove on. If not now, when? Also a wonderful example to your children (no matter what age or sex) of how to enjoy life, keep learning & to push past the comfort zone. Even though you don't know me at all & this probably means little, I just wanted to express that & offer a sincere WAY TO GO!!

Shalet said...

Thank you for the encouragement ladies! All went well. Phew! ;o)