Saturday, June 4, 2011

The things I do when I should be sleeping ...

On a whim I bought a raspberry start from the Farmer's Market. I had been thinking about getting raspberries. But in a more ethereal way. As in how lovely would it be to pick raspberries off my very own vine.

What I had not considered was raspberry containment and protection and placement. Raspberries are delicious plants; tasty to chickens, deer and songbirds alike. They must, therefore, be fully protected.

A quick search of the internet brought me here. This fruit cage would look fabulous in my yard. Um yeah. Gorgeous as it is it's not *quite* in the budget.

Instead I pounded together some scrap lumber, painted it to match the bee box and splurged on a couple of copper fence toppers. Then I planted my lone bush and surrounded it with a tomato cage and deer netting. My carpentry is mediocre at best. I did not cement in the posts. Nor did I level them. There is a very good chance it will fall over. Flat.

But no matter. This is my test trellis, a prototype if you will. As the plant grows (and the world turns) I'll modify it to meet my needs (aka rebuild the whole thing in a sturdier manner).

And, if I'm lucky, come autumn I might, just might, have some fresh fruit to munch on.



Holly said...

I love your resourcefulness! And fresh raspberries do sound wonderful....

Jordan said...

It looks good to me! Good luck, I hope it grows and grows and grows. I just found out we have several raspberry plants in the backyard. I knew there were some plants back there but I wasn't sure what they were until my landlord came and told me and then I got super excited. Raspberries are so yum!