Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Ladybird

Today was a GORGEOUS fall day; seventy-five and sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. It was the perfect day to drive around with the windows down and simply take it all in.

This afternoon the girls and I were in the car enjoying the weather when Little let out a sudden yelp and hollered "It's a lady bug! It's a lady bug!".

And indeed it was. The larvae we "adopted" had turned into a cocoon and now a ladybug. Why, you might wonder, did we discover this in the car?

Simple! This larvae (and cocoon) have been everywhere with us. I mean everywhere. Last weekend he (she?) even traveled over the hills and through the woods -- to grandmother's house of course!

We are serious about our entomology. Quite serious. As it turns out this gal (guy?) is an Asian Ladybird Beetle (aka an Asian ladybug). Often they have spots but sometimes they do not. She has an orange hue which seems abundantly fitting for the season.

We really enjoyed watching her metamorphosis -- miraculous is a fitting word. We love this beetle, we really do. But she has a job to do and food to find. So this afternoon we set her free. Little was especially sad. I felt bad but hey -- another learning opportunity. You know -- if you love something ...

Shortly after the ladybug release Little came charging into the house. "Mama! Mama! You gotta come outside and see!!!"

What? What in the world was so exciting?

She found another larvae. We placed it gently in our mason jar and will "hatch" her out as well.

My daughters have proclaimed October ladybug season. And indeed it is.

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