Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Mother's Day was all I expected and then some. I got my frothy coffee and homemade dinner (guacamole burgers). I was also treated to a handful of tears and some moaning and groaning (it wouldn't be a day for mothers without it). We went for a three generation bike ride - us, the kids and my parents. I picked out my mother's day present - a new pair of running shoes. The shoes and I went for an inaugural run and had an accompanying photo shoot:

My daughter made me a card:

She also wrote a letter:

I love my mom when she bakes. Her food is mouth watering. Her dishes are very delicious and seem like they take a lot of work, but she says they're simple. She always adds the perfect amount of flavor. My mom cares about me and makes sure I succeed. She pushes me to organize. Her ideas are great. My mom has surprises of vacation and pets. I love my mom.

It was a good day. Yesterday back to the grindstone. I spent the ENTIRE day cooking and cleaning and then cleaning some more. And yet my house is not and will never be clean. Tonight it's back to work with both the hub and I on graveyard shift. Thank goodness my parents are still in town to watch the kids for one final night. The next four weeks will be tough. We'll get through.

Right now I'm enjoying my coffee in my new favorite mug. The husband is in bed for the day after working all night. The two older kids have been shuttled to school and the five-year-old is still asleep. This moment, tucked into a stressful upcoming month, is perfect. My plan is to steal these cracks in time where the light shines through.


And on a side note: Right now I am ever so thankful for this blog and for YOU! If not for you I'd be in so much trouble. You see last night I baked (cream scones, strawberries and homemade vanilla ice cream). When I bake I take off my wedding ring. Last night I left it on the butcher block. This morning, when taking a picture of my coffee mug, I remembered the ring and went to retrieve it. It was not there. Guess where it found it? In the garbage. THE GARBAGE! Today is trash day. I almost lost my wedding ring forever. And this is my second ring. My first diamond is apparently buried in the garden (as far as I can determine). Oh my. I am grateful grateful grateful that I found it. Thank you thank you.

Here's to you!


TAMI said...

Oh, I'm SO GLAD your wedding ring is back on your finger!! I ached just thinking about the alternative.

kraftykash said...

That sounds like a nice Mother's Day. Im soooo glad you found your ring. I lost mine a few years ago(shh! we dont talk about that around here)I know its around here some place. I can feel it!

Gayle said...

That sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day!

Yipes, the garbage? I'm glad you found it!

margie said...

meant to be. on your finger, not in the trash. happened so many times that i no longer take my ring off. helps that i can't get it off. lol. my children, adults now, tell me that remember how awful food was at their friends' homes. it was only as adults they realized that it was just i was a good cook.

SE'LAH... said...

That letter is the ultimate!!!

How sweet.

Glad you enjoyed your mother's day.

one love.

elk said...

getting letters..shoes and finding love in the garbage ...all in one day!