Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chicken Update

Our chicken girls are growing up.  We still haven't finished their coop; it remains half built in the driveway.  I think I'll let the grass grow wild and park a jalopy on the lawn to complete our urban chic visage.  It's all the rage you know.  (Actually I would love to buy an old camping trailer to refurbish ... it'd fit in well with our other front yard decor).

In the meantime the girls remain in the garage.  I've been letting them out for jaunts in our dirt patch future orchard.   They seem to stay in a cluster and don't travel far.  I was hoping they'd earn their keep by picking weeds but they seem more interested in taking dust baths. 

I am starting to notice their differences and can now identify them by name ... Harriet, Gertrude, Gracie and Rose Scooby-Doo (guess who named that one).  So far they all appear female; my fingers are crossed.  

I'm very hopeful we'll complete the coop this weekend and finally transition them to their permanent home. If anyone wants to lend a hand with our coop raising come on over.  I'll make lemonade and sandwiches ... just for putting on a roof.  

Happy Wednesday. 


Gayle said...

Their names are great! I had both an Aunt Harriet and an Aunt Grace! heehee. If I didn't have to travel across the entire country I would come help with the coop for lemonade and sandwiches!

Thank you for joining the Pet Parade!

elk said...

can chickens be beautiful? these are
the markings of the feathers ...amzing. welcome to the Pet Parade!

Donna said...

LOVE Rose Scooby Doo....just looking at your chickens...I have chicken envy!

Puna said...

Are you trying for get eggs?