Thursday, January 15, 2009

Love Thursday

Today I love:
  • Learning new photoshop skills (see above, original photo here)
  • Record temperature highs in January
  • Trips to the library and park
  • My still clean car
  • The freedom to play
Happy Love Thursday!

What do you love today?


Gayle said...

Wow! Shalet, that is great! (Your original image is so beautiful, also!) Happy Love Thursday!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we do have to look way up.

Jennifer said...

Sunshine and warm temps in the PNW in January? That IS something to love.
Cool effects in your photo.
Have a great weekend!

G. K. Photography said...

Learning new photoshop skills? How cool is that! Love your photo.

Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

I think you're inspiring me to get photoshop. HOW FUN!

I agree about the weather - it's been close to 80 here all week . . .

Amy said...

Learning new photoshop skills makes me happy as well but it's 7 degrees here today so quit rubbing it in about your warm weather!

Shalet said...

Okay Amy I will! If it makes you feel any better it was seven degrees here a couple of weeks ago.

ELK said...

oh how I love the creativity in that photo...I am a newbie at PS how did that happen?! ps LOVE THE HEADER

Shalet said...

Elk - stay tuned ... tutorial coming up soon!