Friday, January 16, 2009

Here I sit in this very spot at my kitchen table, which is now clean. Sprays of light are dancing through the back door. I'm dreaming of french doors in my bedroom to capture this same light; perhaps someday. Someday the day will come when I'll get my doors and my backyard pizza oven and the wide plank wood floors and all the other accouterments I fantasize about. But today is not that day. Today I'm content to sit at my clean table, with my working laptop and favorite tea. Today I'll let the light cavort about me and dream of things to come.


Look up to see more of that gorgeous light . . . it was definitely time for a new header.  

Click here to see Donna's wonderful heart photo.

Tomorrow I'll post a frugal pizza recipe. Right now I'm checking off items on my chore list. One by one they are getting done. Happy Friday!


Donna said...

You have just made my day....what a lovely surprise I got when I clicked on your blog. Thank you! And I am looking forward to the pizza recipe...all your little frugal tips are empowering!

Erin Faye said...

Great photo! I hope you get your french doors sooner rather than later!!

Gayle said...

Shalet, this post brings a smile to my face, as does your beautiful new banner. The light is so pretty!

Amy said...

I always love a photo of a good dish:)