Thursday, January 8, 2009

Love Thursday

I love ... walking downtown to do errands (bank, post-office, library and the market).

I love ... sunny brisk days with robins chattering in the background.

I love ... bright red doors to punctuate a winter's day (and no this is not my door though I do pine for this house with its river front location and gorgeous mud/sun room).

I love ... the library (hello new reads and free kid's videos!)

I love ... cookies baked at home after a long walk.

I love ... curling up into my reading chair with a good book.

I love ... that I could go on and on with this post.

In case it isn't obvious today is love Thursday. For more love visit Chookooloonks gorgeous blog.


What do you love?


The WoodLand School said...

I love ... this blog post!

Thank you so much for sharing your day : )

Gayle said...

I love...sitting on the couch with my laptop, after my kids are tucked in bed, reading my favorite blogs!

Bridge said...

I love fires and candles on dark winter nights.
I love wet clay spinning in my hands.
I love that my daughter talks to me so much about her life.
I love homemade soup & bread.
I love quiet woods in winter.
I love the secret animal war my dog has with the Magpie in the backyard who steals his dog food.
I love that you can teach an old dog new tricks.
I love hot water.
Black Coffee.
A secret
and an irreverent laugh.

Liss said...

I love the red doors too and I love that you are so good and go down the street to the bank and post office when most things can be done on line.

I love being out and about.

Jessica said...

I love strangers visiting and commenting on my blog,
I love visiting them back and finding things I love in lists of things they love.

I love that you wrote about gratitude (I also do "Thankful Thursdays" - my own creation :)

*thank you for your comment yesterday, it brightened my outlook*


Jamie said...

I love red doors. I've always wanted one. If I ever get to buy a house that's the first thing I'll do - paint the door red.

caroline said...

What a great post.

I love those red doors!

Anonymous said...

Great photo! I heart red doors and used to have one in our old home.
Hope you had a loved filled Thursday!