Friday, February 22, 2008

Yoga Friday

Today’s a yoga day; something I manage twice a month. Bi-monthly yoga does not get me into shape. Rather it’s just enough to remind me I’m out of shape. I’m doing yoga to be healthy; to feel energetic and alert. But, I’ll admit it, I’d love to have a yogi body. Yogis are fit. They have muscles - beautiful muscles! (I’ve had a muscle infatuation since visiting the Body World exhibit. The shear beauty and strength of a skinned human is amazing.) My own musculature is deeply embedded beneath a protective layer of fat. I’d like to get to know those guys under there - the ones between the bones and subcuticular tissue. Hello! I know you're there - somewhere. I don’t want a jacked up anabolic body; a young Arnold Schwarzenegger with a pony tail. No, I want a long lean strong body; a yogi body.

Right now I'm tired all the time. It’s hard to get going in the morning. I shlump in the afternoon. How different would I feel with daily exercise? Daily yoga? I know I’d eat better; I always do when on an athletic binge. I move towards foods that give me energy. I eat less sugar. I drink more water and less alcohol. Coffee becomes a smaller staple. I feel better, inside and out.

And, really, I still think of myself as an athlete; the one who played varsity tennis, the varsity swimmer, the lifeguard. It’s hard to reconcile that person with the one in the mirror. Where did I go?

It seems I went to Mommy Land. Mommy Land is much different from Neverland (and I mean Peter Pan not Micheal Jackson!). Mommy Land is a place for self-deprecating middle-aged workaholics who forget they, too, are important. But today is a yoga day; a hall pass to escape screaming toddlers and messy houses. When the class is through I will take a moment to thank myself for doing good things just for me.

And tomorrow? Well, maybe I’ll go to yoga tomorrow too.

Happy Friday Everyone!


jessamyn said...

you are doing a very wonderful thing...and the fact that you thank yourself for it...WOW! powerful inner wisdom mama!

Honorary Indian said...

I finally got the chance (after a couple of weeks of wanting to) to catch up on your blog. And, what a blog it is!!!

I love your yoga post. I make it to the gym twice a week if I'm lucky...not enough...but better than nothing. Right now, it's all I can ask of myself.

So, we are both moms of 3 children?! No wonder I'm enjoying reading your stuff...

And, HOW IS YOUR HEART?! I was a nurse in my former can speak medically to me and I might remember some things.

Oh, yeah, I was a lifeguard, too! Lots of things in common...

Let's keep visiting each other!

Shalet said...

I'm glad you like my blog.

My heart is doing okay - thanks for asking! I'm getting used to palpitations and bouts of tachycardia. Hopefully it will be fixed next week (at least the tachycardia).

A former nurse eh? I am at work right now. There are days I wish I was formerly employed! Be careful what you wish for, right! ;o)

Bridge said...

How I love my yoga class!
I have been at the gym a lot, have a home practice but my yoga class....HOT VINYASA...brings me into a such depth and the meditation following is amazing.

Thanks for your blog.

jennifer said...

Dude, you're the one who ran a half marathon. If that's considered slacking off in Mommy Land then I'm ***screwed***