Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scrabble Night

Last night we played Scrabble; the hubbie, myself and our two older kids (seven and eleven-years-old). The baby, at four, had her own Junior Scrabble game spread over the kitchen floor and was busy singing a ballad to the letter X. I played with my laptop open to It didn’t help. My big words for the night were “taken” and “tier”. I should have visited BigDoggy’s Scrabble Strategy Site before embarking upon this venture.

We used a sand timer to speed things up. Three minutes of sand and one tired husband equaled the word “me”. Shortly thereafter the hubbie gave up and left to watch television. The kids and I finished with my son claiming victory and I joined my hubbie in the living room.

He wanted a foot rub. I declined as these were the same feet that just exited his workout shoes. His feet, he claimed, did not stink. “Prove it!” I challenged, “Sniff them!” This man could not touch his feet to his nose if his life depended on it. He was clearly in dire yoga straits. So, I taught him the downward dog. He almost fell over. “Come on!” I chided, “this is a resting pose!”. He wasn’t buying it. Well, maybe now he’ll admit yoga is a challenging endeavor (dare I say sport?) and not just a foo foo girly thing like knitting or ballet.

Finally, we were ready to call it a night. The kids snuggled in our bed and we read a chapter from The Magic Meadow by Alexander Key. Teeth brushed, PJ’s on and saltine crumbs wiped from the sheets it was time to sleep. I drifted off wondering what words could be formed from K O J A E E and Y. Anyone? Anyone?


jennifer said...

Is jokey an adjective??? Sounds like fun, I wanna come over!

Shalet said...

Jokey is indeed a word. A good one at that!