Saturday, February 23, 2008

Knit Wit

In thinking about what to post I realized I’ve yet to write about knitting. I am a knitter. I also have granny glasses. For my husband’s sake I try not to knit and wear the glasses simultaneously. I taught myself to knit. Somehow a beginner’s book, cheapo needles and bargain-bin yarn miraculously morphed into a scarf. Next came a hat. I was hooked (no pun intended; that’d be crochet which I do not do).

At first knitting was difficult. It took a lot of concentration. Now it’s cake (stated as if cakes are easy to bake). Of course I still have to focus when knitting fair isle or other difficult patterns. But, to be honest, I stick with the easier stuff. To date I’ve made scarves, hats, gloves, leg warmers, felted bags and cupcakes. Yes, you heard me - cupcakes! I’ve yet to try a sweater; the underlying thought here being that my children may be reticent to walk to school in apparel with one sleeve at their elbow and the other at their toes.

I have baskets and baskets of yarn; some with patterns in mind and others waiting for divine intervention; that seraphic ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh moment where the heavens and earth align, the angels sing and a project is born.

And books too - I have a lot of knitting books. My latest acquisition is Dogs in Knits. I figure Walter won’t be too critical if one sweater leg is longer than the other. And he really needs a garment to protect him from the snow.

But Walter will have to wait (can anyone say winter ‘09?) because I’m currently knitting a felted bag. It’s similar to this diaper bag only it’s for me (it’s mine, all mine!). And no, I’m not preggers. I need a bag to hold my current projects as my knitting goes with me where ever I go.

Knitting is the perfect in-car activity while waiting for school to get out. At the allergist it wards off fear of impending anaphylaxis. At work I can throw a few rows in between clients. But knitting isn’t just a way to pass time. Knitting is Zen. It brings a sense of peace and calm to the core of my being no matter where I am.

Knitting also comes with a sense of accomplishment. I’m not wasting my time watching television - I’m knitting. I’m using those little moments, those specks of captured time to create something tangible. Five minutes here and five minutes there; it’s amazing what one can create.

If you care to see my knits you can check them out here. Strangely enough I also like to photograph knitting. My husband calls me wonkers; I prefer Zen Knitting Momma thank you very much!


Backpacker momma said...

My mom is a knitter. Love the blankies and toques and mittens that has produced for our wee one!!

Honorary Indian said...

OH! I LOVE THAT YOU KNIT!!! I took up guitar a year and a half ago, I'm training for my first triathlon, I attempted sewing and bought my first machine...but I've ALWAYS wanted to learn how to knit!

There is a darling old-fashioned toy shop here in town, and the owner's wife teaches knitting 101. I'm hoping to get myself into a class, because I don't think I could teach myself.

Keep on knitting, sister! I love that you shared this in a post. You're inspiring me to get knitting!

Honorary Indian said...

P.S. You're photography is awesome.

Shelli said...

Shalet, Thanks for visiting my blog recently. It's nice to make your acquaintance. I am not patient enough to knit, but I do admire those who do! What a wonderful thing to be able to make things with your hands!

Carrien said...

I also love that knitting assuages any guilt felt at just sitting and watching something, or just sitting around. I Think that may have been why I started, back in my nauseous pregnant days.

I have made sweaters, and my children wear them. The last one I even did without a pattern. (FOr the baby, it was tiny, and didn't take too long so I could correct, sheesh.) BUt I was still proud.

I want to learn socks next, because they do feel better hand knit, and they are the only thing my husband would probably really love to get here in mostly hot SOCAL.

jennifer said...

As the proud recipient of said diaper bag (and some awesome fingerless gloves!) I have to say I wholeheartedly encourage this... can I use the word "addiction"? I am nowhere near as productive... always end up ripping out and starting over. R teases me about being an addict -- SNORT "Just one more line!" WIPE NOSE